Amy King receives the Westpac Fellowship

Dr Amy King

Amy King receives the Westpac Fellowship

22 February 2017

Dr Amy King (DPhil International Relations, 2013) has been awarded the prestigious Westpac Fellowship at the Australian National University. The Westpac Research Fellowship is awarded annually to four Australian academics who receive funding of up to $460,000 over three years to do research in technology and innovation, strengthening Australia-Asia ties and enabling positive social change.


Dr King was successful because of her ongoing research into China and its involvement in shaping the global economic order. On her award;

"China's 'Belt and Road' initiative and the AIIB [Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank] are generating considerable attention and anxiety within the Australian government and business. I hope my research will help Australia to better understand the long-term strategic implications of China's global economic goals… Australia's traditional strategic partners are stepping back, and rising powers like China are stepping up. This makes it more important than ever to help the world better understand China and its economic goals. I hope my research will help Australia and the ANU play this role."