Antonians join Presidential Campaign

Antonians join Presidential Campaign

14 December 2017

Antonian Aurelio Nuño Mayer (MSc Latin American Studies, 2006) has resigned as Mexico´s Minister of Education to move to the role of Campaign Manager for the Institutional Revolutionary Party´s (PRI) presidential candidate Jose Antonio Meade.

At a ceremony at Los Pinos, the offical residence and office of the President of Mexico, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that Aurelio Nuño has 'assumed the responsibility of consolidating the most important transformation promoted by this government: Education Reform.'

'With creativity and a capacity for coordination, he gave a new boost to education policy and engaged in dialogue with the country’s teachers, who have shown their ability to update their knowledge, and renew their teaching vocation and love for Mexico'.

Antonian Mr Manolo Reynaud (MSc Latin American Studies, 2008) has also resigned as the Minister´s Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Education and will continue to work with Mr. Nuño at the presidential campaign.