The Geopolitics of Energy

A rapidly changing global energy scene, dominated by volatile oil and gas prices, the emergence of powerful new consumers in the Asia-Pacific region, reserve depletion within the OECD and the instability in the energy producing regions, caused by domestic, regional and international political actions, have contributed to the instability of energy markets. This seminar, jointly run by the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies and St Antony's College, Oxford, will focus on the role played by geopolitics in the energy sector.

Geopolitics refers to the way geography, politics, and economics influence international relations, individual countries, their foreign policies, as well as their economic and political security.

Most of the lectures in this seminar will be given by high-level guest speakers with special expertise and experience in the energy field.

The Geopolitics of Energy seminars run in Michaelmas and Hilary terms of each academic year.

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Details of past seminars are available below: