Computer Room and Printing

Computer Room and Printing

There are several Dell PCs and two Multifunction Devices (copy / scan / print) available in the College computing room for use by members of the college. Troubleshooting - check the Papercut client is running (should show St Antony's crest in a small window with your balance). If it is not running, it can be run from here (copy path into Windows Explorer window) \\\pcclient\win\pc-client.exe

Printing is charged in arrears to your battels (the cost of printing is available here) using PaperCut. If you log in to PaperCut with your SSO credentials, you can track your printing jobs. There are two Ricoh printers in the Computer Room, one of which can also scan to email at no cost.

  1. Send the job to “Follow Me” which will mean the job is printed on whichever copier you go to. Then confirm the job:
  2. Then release the job by touching your University Card in front of the card reader.
  3. On the screen, it will list the jobs which you have sent. Select the job you wish to print, or select all jobs.

  4. If you touch to select and individual print job, you can either print or even cancel just that job individually

  5. After you have finished, please log out of the copier (it will time out automatically after a period)