Where to obtain software

In addition to Antivirus and Microsoft Office (covered below), you can see information about discounted or free software at the following website:

Options for obtaining Microsoft Office


Information for students wishing to obtain Microsoft Office is available at the following website:

There are a number of links directing you to websites where you can obtain Microsoft Office together with instructions and a link to the onthehub site:

This site is run by Kivuto. You can obtain a subscription to Office 365 Pro Plus – Free, while you remain eligible. (This is available as a 12-month subscription and you will be required to verify your student status on the site each year you renew your subscription.)


Staff can use the onthehub site to obtain Microsoft Products.

You will need to sign in at the top right hand corner with your Single Sign-On details and then you should enter the Fulfillment Centre where you can see the full range of products available to you. For Staff there are currently two options for obtaining Microsoft Office.

You can purchase a copy of Microsoft Office (Work At Home) to install on one computer. After selecting this product and adding it to your cart, you will be offered the option to purchase a Backup Disc and/or an Extended Access Guarantee. If you do not wish to purchase a Backup Disc you will need to download the Office software and install it to your computer. You should receive guidelines on how to do this when you purchase the product.

You can obtain the Office 365 ProPlus Benefit Faculty/Staff – Subscription. This is a free subscription. (This means that you will be required to verify your staff status in order to renew your subscription.) This product is available to install on up to 5 machines (PC or Mac) and up to 5 mobile devices with Office Mobile for Android or Office Mobile for iPhone.