Giving to the Middle East Centre Archive

Giving Archives

If you or a relative have lived or served in the Middle East and have papers and photographs relating to the Middle East, then we would welcome hearing from you.

Full details of what we collect can be found on our Collecting Policy webpage and also on our Leaflet for Donors (PDF file)

To discuss a donation of papers and photographs please contact:
Ms Debbie Usher, Archivist
Middle East Centre Archive,
St Antony's College, Oxford OX2 6JF
Tel: +44 (0) 1865 284706

J and EM Slide Box 8/3

Girl picking olives, 19th Century
Jerusalem and East Mission Collection
Magic Lantern Slides Box 8/3

Giving financial support

The Middle East Centre Archive provides a unique window into the past, capturing the diversity and richness of life in a rapidly changing Middle East. The Archive’s holdings form a vast treasure trove of the primary source material necessary for historians to write their histories of the Middle East. Without such primary source material the past cannot be examined or questioned and society is enriched by the heritage, identity and memory embodied by Archives. Supporting the Archive financially will ensure the continued success of the Archive in preserving and making available to research the material entrusted to its care.

Donations to the Archive will support the conservation of fragile and damaged items, as well as funding the purchase of archival boxes, folders and conservation packaging for the photographic collection.

Donations will also support enhancing access to the Archive through funding cataloguing, digitisation work and increasing online resources.

A donation of £250 will pay for 50 acid free archival boxes or 125 acid free archival western manuscript folders. A donation of £5000 will pay for an A3 graphics scanner and 387 hours of digitisation work.

A donation of £5000 a year over a three year period will also result in the award of the status of Patron of St Antony’s College. Patrons will have their status formally conferred and will enjoy a position of distinction within the College community, including invitations to exclusive College seminars, lectures, receptions and dinners.

For details on how to make a donation to the Archive please see our donation form (Word file)

St Antony’s College is a registered charity (number 1141293).

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