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Charles Butt Photo Gallery: Oman

The images in this gallery are from the Charles Butt Collection which was bequeathed to the Archive in May 2007. There are about 10,000 slides in the Charles Butt Collection of which 7,137 are of Oman. A selection of 300 Oman images has been made and these images are arranged below in themed galleries. The captions provided in the galleries are those which Charles Butt wrote on the original 35mm slides.

The Middle East Centre Archive wishes to thank the Anglo-Omani Society for funding the scanning of all the Charles Butt Oman Slides. For further details please see the Charles Butt Project Webpage

Other Charles Butt Slides include online galleries for Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

For viewing purposes the images in these galleries are at a low resolution. Higher resolution images for publication are available from the Middle East Centre Archive. Prices for images and publication fees are advertised on our Photographic Resources webpage. To order copies please contact Debbie Usher

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AgricultureCharles Butt Oman 1127 Boats and coastCharles Butt Oman 0285
Buildings and LandscapesCharles Butt Oman 1839 Camel RacesCharles Butt Oman 1307
Charles ButtCharles Butt Oman 2147 Flowers and NatureCharles Butt Oman 2147
FoodCharles Butt Oman 2147 MilitaryCharles Butt Oman 2147
Oil and TechnologyCharles Butt Oman 3463 Parades and DisplaysCharles Butt Oman 3463
PeopleCharles Butt Oman 3463 Sultan QaboosCharles Butt Oman 3463