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The images in the following 9 photo galleries are from the Jill Brown Collection. Jill Brown (1942-2011) was a Hertfordshire-born photographer and photojournalist who worked primarily in the Middle East, North Africa, India and Pakistan, travelling extensively in this area. These photographs are from her time in Qatar in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The original images are 35mm colour slides. Jill Brown arranged her photographic collection by country and then by subject within each country.

For further information on the Jill Brown Collection and the Qatar slides please see the Jill Brown Collection Catalogue (pdf file)

For viewing purposes the images in this gallery are at a low resolution. Larger images are available by clicking on the low resolution image. Higher resolution images for publication are available from the Middle East Centre Archive. Prices for images and publication fees are advertised on our Photographic Resources webpage. To order copies please contact Debbie Usher

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Animals Architecture Boats
Brown-Qatar-Slide-Falcons-051 Brown-Qatar-Slide-Modern-014




Crafts Doha General
Brown-Qatar-Slide-Coffee-011 Brown-Qatar-Slide-Doha-023




Industry People Weapons
Brown-Qatar-Slide-Ind-032 Brown-Qatar-Slide-People-048 Brown-Qatar-Slide-Khunjars-010