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Joseph Tholozan Collection


The images of Persia in the following 12 photo galleries are from the photograph albums of Sir Joseph Tholozan, who was personal physician to Nasr ed din Shah.

The Tholozan Collection contains the oldest photographic material in the Middle East Centre Archive, with some photographs dating from 1859.

The original photograph albums were photographed in the late 1980s to produce black and white negative films of the images. For preservation reasons the digital images (with the exception of the loose prints) were created from this black and white negative film. The original images tend not to be greyscale, but sepia in colour.

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Album 1 Album 2
Tholozan Album 1 Tholozan Album 2
Album 3 Album 4
Tholozan Album 3 Tholozan Album 4
Album 5 Album 6
Tholozan Album 5 Tholozan Album 6
Album 7 Album 8
Tholozan Album 7 Tholozan Album 8
Album 9 Album 10
Tholozan Album 9 Tholozan Album 10
Album 11 Loose Prints
Tholozan Album 11 Tholozan Loose Prints

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