University facilities

University facilities

Information about University support for your academic studies. To find out about support around the University for your wellbeing, visit the Health and wellbeing section.

Careers Service Language Centre

Careers Service

St Antony’s students are also encouraged to make the most of the University Careers Service, a fantastic resource that is literally across the road from College. The Careers Service offers a wide range of services including individual and group advice sessions, publications, networks, talks and workshops, and events specifically for graduate students and other groups (e.g. women, international students, disabled students).

The College’s contact in the Careers Service is Dr Jane Chanaa, herself a St Antony’s alumna. Dr Chanaa often comes back to College to provide careers support for students and has been involved with ours Careers Conference.

The University Careers Service also runs an Internship Programme which provides access to hundreds of summer internship opportunities. You should not need a letter of support from the College as we have given blanket permission to the Careers Service for all St Antony's students to participate in the Internship Programme. However, if you have any questions, please contact the College Registry.

Language Centre

Oxford University Language Centre supports members of the University who need foreign languages (including English as a foreign language) for study and research. It offers courses in 12 different languages as well as offering library resources in 180 languages. Spouses of students may also enrol on a language course.

Students who need to study a language at the Language Centre as part of their course can make a priority application through the LASR programme. Your Priority Registration Form can be signed by the College Registrar. Please note that the College is unable to fund the registration fee for these courses, and the charges will be passed to your battels accounts. You should consult with your department as they may be willing to pay the fee if the language instruction is essential for the course of study.