TED Talk: Antonian’s standing ovation

Alexander Betts

TED Talk: Antonian’s standing ovation

4 March 2016

Alexander Betts (DPhil International Relations, 2007), the current Director and Leopold Muller Professor of Forced Migration and International Affairs at the Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford, received a standing ovation from the attendees of TED 2016 in Vancouver. He outlined a four-point plan to revitalise approaches to international migration as part of a session entitled “Wake Up”. Professor Betts' talk offers new approaches to treating refugees so that they can make an immediate contribution to their new homes. 

Summing up, Betts noted that “There's nothing inevitable about refugees being a cost. Yes, they are a humanitarian responsibility, but they're human beings with skills, talents, aspirations, with the ability to make contributions if we let them.” 

The talk in full is available on TED's website