Antonian's Self-Published Memoir

The Daughter who sold her Mother

Antonian's Self-Published Memoir

17 May 2016

Irena Powell (MLitt, 1967) has self-published a personal memoir on her mother’s life. The Daughter Who Sold Her Mother: A Biographical Memoir is the story of Irena Powell’s mother, woven from fragments of her memories as she told them to Powell over the years. Hers was a life caught in the turbulent currents of the twentieth century in which Communism, Zionism, Fascism, and anti-Semitism all played their part. It was a life scarred deeply by World War II.

The mother’s story, told and filtered through her daughter’s eyes, inevitably becomes the daughter’s story as well, particularly in the final, post-war section of the book when the daughter is no longer just a listener but a participant in the events described here.

The author notes that the writing of this book opened a way to explore the complex legacy of “the second generation,” of being born to parents who were Holocaust survivors.