Alumni News Roundup


Alumni News Roundup

15 December 2016

Every year in The Antonian we try to include as many news updates from Antonians as possible but, with so many successful, entrepreneurial and award-winning former students, academics and friends, not all of these updates can be featured in the print edition. Below are a range of items sent in that could not be featured in the hard-copy magazine. This years's edition can be read online here

Jens R Hentschke
Research Fellow, 1993-1995

Jens R Hentschke, currently President of the Society of Latin American Studies (2015-17) has been elected to the Scientific Advisory Board of the Ibero-American Institute Prussian Cultural Heritage in Berlin and to a number of editorial councils in Brazil.

Rand H. Fishbein
SAM, 1982-83

In January, 2016, Rand H. Fishbein was reelected for a second term as Chairman of the Montgomery County, MD, Commission on Common Ownership Communities (CCOC).  The CCOC is among the nation’s premier alternative resolution administrative bodies dedicated to providing education, advocacy and adjudication services to over 300,000 people. 

Aki Okubo-Takada
MLitt East Asian Studies, 1998

Ms Aki Takada was recently appointed the Director of Communications at the Japan ICU Foundation in New York.

Marianne Scordel
MSt Oriental Studies, 1998

Bougeville Consulting, founded and run by Marianne Scodel, was Highly Commended by HFMWeek in April this year. This is the fifth award received in four years, the other ones including "Best European Business Consultant" for hedge funds voted by Hedgeweek.

Neil Sternthal
MSt History, 1991

Mr Sternthal moved from New York to Toronto to lead the Thomson Reuters Legal business as Managing Director of Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

Felicitas von Lovenberg
MSt History, 1996

Ms Von Lovenberg has been appointed publisher for Piper in Munich. Piper, a large German publishing house, belongs to the Swedish Bonnier Group.

Hilary Winchester
DPhil Social Studies, 1980

Professor Winchester was appointed Interim Vice-Chancellor at Central Queensland University from mid-July to mid-October.

Juliette Genevaz
DPhil Politics, 2013

Dr Genevaz started a new job as the China research analyst at the Institute for Strategic Research (IRSEM) in Paris, France.

Gordon C K Cheung
SAM, 2005
Dr Cheung has been awarded the Wei Lun Distinguished Visiting Professorship (1 Sept. to 30 Nov. 2016) at the Institute of Economics at Tsinghua University, China.

Omi Hatashin
SAM, 2004-05, Senior Visitor, 2006

Dr Hatashin was appointed a professor of Osaka Jogakuin University, Osaka, Japan since this April, teaching human rights and civil liberties.