Margaret MacMillan, OC, BPhil MA DPhil Oxf, BA Toronto
(elected 2007)

Governing Body Fellows (in alphabetical order)

Roy Allison, BA Exe, DPhil Oxf, Professor of Russian and Eurasian International Relations
Areas of interest: International relations, foreign policy and politics of Russia and Eurasia
(elected 2011)

Walter Armbrust, BA Washington, MA PhD Michigan, MA Oxf, Associate Professor in Modern Middle Eastern Studies and Albert Hourani Fellow
Areas of interest: Cultural Anthropology: popular culture and mass media in the Middle East
(elected 2001)

William Beinart, BA Cape Town, MA PhD Lond, MA Oxf, Rhodes Professor of Race Relations and Professorial Fellow
Areas of interest: Modern history and the environment of Southern Africa
(elected 1997)

Paul Betts, BA Haverford, MA PhD Chicago, Professor of Modern European History
Areas of interest: 20th century European history with a focus on Germany
(elected 2012)

Paul Chaisty, BA, PhD Leeds, MA Oxf, Associate Professor of Russian Politics
Areas of interest: Russian politics, and in particular political institutions
(elected 2005)

Paul Collier, Kt, CBE, MA DPhil Oxf, Professor of Economics and Professorial Fellow
Areas of interest: Economics of Africa
(elected 1986)

Cathryn Costello, BL Hon Society of King’s Inns, BCL NUI, LLM Bruges, DPhil Oxf, Associate Professor in International Human Rights and Refugee Law
Areas of interest: EU law and governance, in particular in the asylum and immigration fields; international refugee law and politics; international and European human rights law
(elected 2013)

Faisal Devji, BA British Columbia, MA PhD Chicago, University Reader in Modern South Asia History
Areas of interest: Indian political thought, modern Islam, ethics and violence in a globalized world
(elected 2009)

James Fenske, BA Queen's, MA MPhil PhD Yale, Associate Professor in Economic History
Areas of interest: African economic history and development economics
(elected 2010)

Timothy Garton Ash, CMG, MA Oxf, Professor of European Studies and Isaiah Berlin Professorial Fellow
Areas of interest: Contemporary European History and International Relations
(elected 1989)

Kirsten Gillingham, MA Camb, MA Oxf, Official Fellow and Bursar
(elected 2011)

Doug Gollin, AB Harvard, MA Yale, PhD Minnesota, Professor of Development Economics
Areas of interest: Economic growth, development, and agriculture, primarily in low-income countries
(elected 2012)                                                  

Roger Goodman, BA Durh, MA DPhil Oxf, Nissan Professor of Modern Japanese Studies and Professorial Fellow, Head of the Social Sciences Division
Areas of interest: Japanese Social Anthropology
(elected 1992)

Nandini Gooptu, MA Calcutta, MA Oxf, PhD Camb, Reader in South Asian Studies and Faculty Fellow, Head of the Department of International Development (Queen Elizabeth House)
Areas of interest: South Asian History
(elected 1993)

Thomas Hale, AB MA PhD Princeton, MSc LSE, Associate Professor of Global Public Policy
Areas of interest: managing transnational problems, evolution of political institutions, challenges of globalization and interdependence, with a particular emphasis on environmental and economic issues
(elected 2014)

Dan Healey, BA MA PhD Toronto, MA Lond, Professor of Modern Russian History
Areas of interest: Russian and Soviet history, in particular gender, sexualities, medicine, penal institutions and forced labour
(elected 2013)

Ekaterina Hertog, MA Moscow, MSc DPhil Oxf, Career Development Fellow in the Sociology of Japanese Society and Faculty Fellow
Areas of interest: Sociology of the family (with specific interest in Japanese family)
(elected 2008)

David JohnsonBA Witwatersrand, MEd Manc, MA Oxf, PhD Brist, University Reader in Comparative Education and Faculty Fellow
Areas of interest: The Politics of education in Africa; government and educational Reform in developing countries
(elected 2003)

Dominic Johnson, BSc Derby, BA Open, DEA PhD Geneva, MSc DPhil Oxf, Alastair Buchan Professor of International Relations
Areas of interest: How new research on evolution, biology and human nature is challenging theories of international relations, conflict, and cooperation
(elected 2012)

Halbert Jones, BA, MA, PhD Harvard, Senior Research Fellow in North American Studies
Areas of interest: Mexican and Latin American History, US Diplomatic History, International Relations of North America
(elected 2011)

Takehiko Kariya, BA MA Tokyo, PhD Northwestern, Professor in the Sociology of Japanese Society and Faculty Fellow
Areas of interest: Sociology of Japan
(elected 2008)

Sho Konishi, BA MA Georgetown, MA Oxf, PhD Chicago, Associate Professor of Modern Japanese History and Faculty Fellow
Areas of interest: Cultural, intellectual and transnational history
(elected 2007)

Mikolaj Kunicki, MA Central European, Budapest, MA Lond, MA Warsaw, PhD Stanford, Senior Research Fellow in Modern Polish Studies
Areas of interest: 20th century European history with a focus on Poland and Eastern Europe, East European cinema
(elected 2013)

Miles Larmer, BA Westmin, MA Lond, PhD Sheff, Associate Professor in African History
Areas of interest: Twentieth century African history, political and social change
(elected 2013)

Paola Mattei, MPhil Oxf, PhD LSE, Associate Professor in Comparative Social Policy
Areas of interest: European welfare states, social inequalities and Social Europe
(elected 2010)

Laurent Mignon, BA PhD Lond, Associate Professor in Turkish and Faculty Fellow
Areas of interest: 19th and 20th century Turkish literature, minority literature
(elected 2011)

Rachel Murphy, BA Murdoch, MA Oxf, PhD Camb, Associate Professor in the Sociology of China and Faculty Fellow
Areas of interest: The Sociology of China; population and development
(elected 2007)

Abdul Raufu Mustapha, MSc Ahmadu Bello, MA DPhil Oxf, Associate Professor of African Politics, Kirk-Greene Fellow in African Studies and Faculty Fellow
Areas of interest: African politics
(elected 2001)

Ian Neary, BA Sheff, MA Oxf, PhD Sus, Associate Professor in Japanese Politics and Faculty Fellow
Areas of interest: The state and civil society in East Asia
(elected 2004)

Kalypso Nicolaïdis, MPA, PhD Harvard, Associate Professor in International Relations and Faculty Fellow
Areas of interest: International Relations (particularly of Europe)
(elected 1999)

Leigh Payne, MA, MPhil, PhD Yale, Associate Professor in Sociology (Latin American Societies)
Areas of interest: Sociology of Latin America, with particular focus on political violence, human rights, and justice
(elected 2009)

Timothy Power, BA Massachusetts, MA Florida, PhD Notre Dame, Associate Professor in Brazilian Studies
Areas of interest: Brazilian Studies
(elected 2013)

David Pratten, MA Manc, MA Oxf, PhD Lond, Associate Professor of the Social Anthropology of Africa and Atiku Abubakar Fellow in African Studies
Areas of interest: Social anthropology of Africa
(elected 2005)

Simon Quinn, BA Econ LLB Queensland, MPhil DPhil Oxf, Associate Professor in Development Economics
Areas of interest: firms, markets and institutions in Africa
(elected 2012)

Tariq Ramadan MA PhD Geneva, Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies
Areas of interest: Contemporary Islamic Studies
(elected 2009)

Philip Robins, MA (Econ) Manc, MA Oxf, PhD Exe, University Reader in the Politics of the Middle East and Faculty Fellow
Areas of interest: Politics and international relations of the Middle East, including Turkey; illicit drugs in the Middle East
(elected 1995)

Eugene Rogan, BA Columbia, MA PhD Harvard, MA Oxf, Associate Professor in the Modern History of the Middle East and Faculty Fellow
Areas of interest: Modern History of the Middle East
(elected 1991)

Diego Sánchez-Ancochea, BA MPA Complutense, Madrid, PhD New School, New York, Associate Professor in the Political Economy of Latin America and Faculty Fellow
Areas of interest: state-society relations, income distribution, social poiicy, industrial policy, Latin America special attention to small countries like Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic
(elected 2008)

Ramon Sarró, Lic Barcelona, MSc PhD UCL, habil Lisbon, Associate Professor in the Social Anthropology of Africa
Areas of interest: the interface between prophecy, art and the 'invention of writing' in Central and West Africa 
(elected 2012)

Matthew Walton, BMus, MA Syracuse, MA, PhD Washington, Aung San Suu Kyi Senior Research Fellow in Modern Burmese Studies
Areas of interest: Religion and politics in Southeast Asia
(elected 2013)

D. Hugh Whittaker, BA International Christian, Tokyo, PhD Imperial, Associate Professor in the Economy of Japan
Areas of interest: economic behaviour, management of innovation, corporate governance and entrepreneurship in comparative socio-economic contexts typically featuring Japan but also including other countries of East Asia
(elected 2014)

Michael Willis, BA R'dg, MA Lond, MA Oxf, PhD Durh, HM King Mohammed VI Fellow in Moroccan and Mediterranean Studies
Areas of interest: History, domestic politics and international relations of the Maghreb.
(elected 2004)

Jan Zielonka, BL Wroclaw, MA Oxf, PhD Warsaw, Professor of European Politics and Ralf Dahrendorf Fellow
Areas of interest: European Union: governance, democracy and external relations
(elected 2003)