Dr Hossameldeen Mohammed

Dr Hossameldeen Mohammed

Academic Visitor


Hossam Mohammed is a senior researcher: he is working at Center of Islamic Moderation and renewal, college of Islamic Studies, Hamad bin Khalifa University, Qatar, from 2009 to the present. Hossam holds a PhD in Islamic Law from International Islamic University Malaysia. His doctoral thesis was on “Investment Sukūk and its rules in Islamic Jurisprudence: a Taʼṣīl study". He received a MA in Islamic law from Cairo University, thesis topic: Computation of Abstract rights in Islamic Jurisprudence in Comparison with Positive law with Examples of its Contemporary Applications. Also He had obtained another MA in Contemporary Fiqh from Hamad Bin Khalifa University, His thesis was on the subject of the franchise contract and its provisions in Islamic jurisprudence compared to Civilian law.

Before joining the Islamic Moderation Center, Hossam worked as a member and an expert in Islamic Fatwa (Legal Opinion) Committee, at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Qatar(2002 – 2009).

He has published a numbers of  peer reviewed research papers, books, and newspaper articles on the topics of Islamic moderation and how to address the phenomenon of extremism,  renewal in Islam, current problems with fatwa, financial transactions in Islamic jurisprudence, and contemporary issues in political jurisprudence.

His current research focuses on the political reform in Sunni Islam a: jurisprudential-historical approach.


Selected Publications: 

Bibliography of Islamic Moderation and Renewal, Published on the website ofIslamic Studies college, Hamad bin Khalifa university.

  • Moderation in the Quran and Sunnah and Its Role in Al-tarjih al-Fiqhi in Islamic Jurisprudence, Published inthe complete research works of the 2nd International Conference on Quran and Sunnah 2015- International Islamic University Malaysia, Volume: 4, p.274.

  • The need of political jurisprudence renewal: The Problematic of Overcomer legitimacy as a model, , Under Publishing in Center of Islamic Moderation and renewal , CIS, HBKU.

  • The Redemption or Regaining of Sukūk Through the Sale in the Light of Islamic Jurisprudence: Comparative Study, University of Sharjah, Journal of Shari'a and law Science, Volume: 13, Issue 2 ,2016.

  • The redemption of Sukūk by the dissolution (Fasakh) of the contract: a Comparative Fiqhi Study, ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance, Volume: 7, Issue: 1, 2016.

  • “Option Contracts” in the light of Islamic Jurisprudence: Comparative Study, Wahdat-ul Ummah, An International Arabic peer-reviewed Journal, Issue: 8.

  • Wisdom and Reasoning between the Doctrinal Dimension and the Al-Mqasidi Dimension, Contemporary Islamic studies magazine, http://wwwqscience.com/doi/abs/10.5339/cis.2012.3

  • “Istisna'a Contract” as Legitimate Alternatives for savings Funds of Conventional Banks, Published in the selected research works of Eighth International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance in Qatar.

  • Commutation of Abstract Rights in Islamic Jurisprudence in Comparison with Positive Law and Examples of its Contemporary Applications", Dar Al-Fikr University – Alexandria Egypt,2012.

  • Franchise Contract and its Provisions According to the Islamic Jurisprudence, Dar Al-Fikr University – Alexandria Egypt -2010.

  • Investment Sukūk and its rules in Islamic Jurisprudence: a Taʼṣīl study, Dar –alnawader, Lebnan, (The book under printing process).