Professor Kentaro Oku

Professor Kentaro Oku

Academic Visitor
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Kentaro Oku is a professor at School of Political Science and Economics, Tokai University in Japan.

His research field is Japanese political history. He has studied Japanese political parties including the Rikken Seiyukai, one of the major parties in Japan before the Second World War, as well as the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan.

His current research interest lies on how ruling parties coordinate policies between the executive and the legislature. In 2015, He published an academic book unveiling origins of the decision making system within the LDP led government. In Oxford, he shall investigate the decision making system within the Conservative Party led government.

Kentaro Oku received Ph.D. in Low from Keio University in Japan.



Selected Publications: 

Kentaro Oku and Yasuko Kouno (eds.) Decision Making System of the Japanese LDP's Government: Origins and Development, Yoshida publishing, 2015. (In Japanese)

Kentaro Oku. Factions and Party Organization within the Rikken Seiyukai, Keio University Press, 2004. (In Japanese)