Professor Mikiko Shinoki

Professor Mikiko Shinoki

Academic Visitor

Mikiko Shinoki is a professor of Chuo University, Japan and currently an academic visitor at St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford. She received her MA and PhD in Sociology from the Faculty of Arts and Letters at Tohoku University, Japan. Her doctoral thesis was titled ‘The Environment Problem and Pro-Environmental Behaviours: The Study of the Mechanism of Justification Based on Rational Choice Theory ’. Her research focuses on the environment problem as a Social Dilemma and the discrepancies between individuals’ attitudes and behaviours. She conducted several quantitative researches on environmental issues in Japan and analysed the data using statistical methods.

Selected Publications: 

Shinoki, Mikiko, 2017, “A study of the factors affecting recycling and waste reduction: A time series analysis in Sendai, Japan 2005-2015,” Journal of the Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management, 28. (appear in 2017) (In Japanese)

Shinoki, Mikiko, 2016, “The Study of Comparison of the New Ecological Paradigm Scale: Iranian and Japanese University Students case,” Chuo Journal of Policy Sciences and Cultural Studies, 24: 71-81. (In Japanese)

Shinoki, Mikiko, 2014, “Environmental Problem,” Japanese Association for Mathematical Sociology Eds., Jun Kobayashi, Masayuki Kanai, Yoshimichi Sato, Jun Naito, Hiroshi Hamada, Masaoshi Muto Eds., Introduction to Sociology, Tokyo: Asakura Publishing Co. pp.131-139. (In Japanese)

Shinoki, Mikiko, 2014, “A Study Social Dilemma from Actor's Perspective,” Chuo Journal of Policy Sciences and Cultural Studies, 22: 45-56. (In Japanese)

Shinoki, Mikiko, Koji Abe and Hiroshi Komatsu, 2011, “The Waste Management System in Japan: The Dilemma of Social Rationality between Local Governments and Residents,” The Journal of Environmental Sociology, 17: 19-34. (In Japanese)

Shinoki, Mikikom, 2010, “Change of the response rate of the social survey in Japan,” Advances in Social Research, 5: 5-15. (In Japanese)

Kimura, Kunihiro and Mikiko Shinoki, “Decision and Justification in the Social Dilemma of Recycling.I. A Two-Stage Model of Rational Choice and Cognitive Dissonance,” Sociological theory and methods 22(1): 31-48.

Shinoki, Mikiko and Kunihiro Kimura, “Decision and Justification in the Social Dilemma of Recycling.II. Empirical Tests of Predictions from the Model,” Sociological theory and methods 22(1): 49-69