Dr Nazrin Mehdiyeva

Dr Nazrin Mehdiyeva

Academic Visitor

Having enjoyed a long association with St Antony's, Dr Nazrin Mehdiyeva returned to the College as an Academic Visitor in September 2017. She holds MPhil and DPhil from St Antony’s. Her monograph, Power Games in the Caucasus: Azerbaijan’s Foreign and Energy Policy Towards the West, Russia and the Middle East, based on her doctoral thesis, was published by I.B. Tauris in 2011. Her more recent interests include Russian foreign policy, global energy markets and technological innovation. Her analysis of the prospects for the West’s relationship with oil and gas producers is forthcoming in Beyond Blood Oil as part of the Hot Topics in Social Sciences and Political Philosophy Series (Rowman & Littlefield, Spring 2018).

Dr Mehdiyeva specialises in foreign policy, energy security and geopolitics. The subject of her special interest is the interrelationship between states’ political decision-making and their hydrocarbons production and transportation capacities. While her primary areas of expertise are Russia and the Caucasus, she also has in-depth knowledge of European and US hydrocarbons markets. In recent past, she held senior positions in the industry as well as energy and management consulting where she advised international institutions, oil majors and governments on a wide array of geopolitical and commercial issues. She worked as a Senior and Principal Consultant for UK and European consultancies, and as Head of Stakeholder Engagement at UK’s largest electricity distribution company, UK Power Networks. 

Nazrin has been a regular contributor to the academic debate on the future of European energy security. She has published articles for academic and industry publications

Her current interest focuses on Russian strategy and foreign policy, on which she is writing her latest monograph.



Selected Publications: 

“The West’s Energy Trap: Can it be Broken?” In Beyond Blood Oil. Laurie Shrage and Naomi Zach (eds.) Hot Topics in Social -Political Philosophy Series, Rowman & Littlefield, forthcoming Spring 2018.

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