Senior Members

The College has the following categories of Senior Members:

Governing Body Fellows

These Fellows together with the Warden comprise the Governing Body of the College. They are normally holders of a University post with which the College is associated or holders of an academic appointment made by the College. A list of the current Governing Body Fellows is at

Honorary Fellows

These are distinguished persons who have a close connection with the College,  have excelled in fields of interest to the College, have rendered outstanding service to the College or could be expected to render such service in the future. The College’s Honorary Fellows are:

Dr Nayef Al-Rodhan
Sir Mark Allen
Dr Hanan Ashrawi
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
Mrs Monna Besse
Sir Raymond Carr
Lord Peter Carrington
Sir Bryan Cartledge
Professor Louis Cha
Professor Francis Conte
Sir James Craig
Professor Norman Davies
Mr Geoffrey Elliott
Mr Thomas Friedman 
Sir Alistair Horne
Ms Bridget Kendall
Mr Nemir Kirdar
Professor Dr Jürgen Kocka
Sir Michael Llewellyn-Smith
Professor William Roger Louis
Professor Jose Maravall
Professor David Marquand
Dr Sadako Ogata
The Rt.Hon Lord Christopher Patten
Dr Sigrid Rausing
Professor Gerhard Ritter
Professor Sir Adam Roberts
His Excellency Sheikh Ghassan I Shaker
Professor Alfred Stepan
Sir John Swire
Dr Richard von Weizsäcker

Foundation Fellows

The College awards Foundation Fellowships in recognition of significant contributions to the resources of the College.  Foundation Fellows are welcomed into our international community of Antonians and encouraged to visit the College and participate in College events. They are:

Dr Atiku Abubakar
Ms Sein Chew
Mr Adrian Fu
Mr Eric Hotung
Mr Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Dr Serra Kirdar

Emeritus Fellows

These are persons who have held the Office of Warden or who having held a Governing Body or Senior Research Fellowship in the College have either resigned from it before reaching the age of 65 after at least 15 years of service in the College or resigned or retired at the age of 65 or above after at least 5 years of service in the College and have been elected to an Emeritus Fellowship by Governing Body. Emeritus Fellows are currently:


Mr Alan Angell
Professor Robert Barnes
Professor Leslie Bethell
Professor Archie Brown
Professor Jane Caplan
Professor Robert Cassen
Mr Richard Clogg
Professor Jennifer Corbett
Mr Malcolm Deas
Professor Mark Elvin
Dr David Faure
Professor Joe Foweraker
Professor C.K. Harley
Professor Jack Hayward
Dr Derek Hopwood
Professor Michael Kaser
Dr Celia Kerslake
Mr Anthony Kirk-Greene
Professor Alan Knight
Dr Carol Leonard
Mr Robert Mabro

Mr Herminio Martins
Dr James McMullen
Professor Anthony Nicholls
Professor Patrick O'Brien
Professor Roger Owen
Dr Brian Powell
Dr Alex Pravda
Professor Terence Ranger
Professor Tapan Raychaudhuri
Dr Mark Rebick
Professor Robert Service
Professor Avi Shlaim
Professor Arthur Stockwin
Professor Vivienne Shue
Mr Allan Taylor
Mrs Rosemary Thorp
Dr Steve Tsang
Dr David Washbrook
Dr Ann Waswo
Dr Theodore Zeldin


Visiting Fellows

These are visitors to the College and University who are pursing academic research in Oxford, normally for a period of a year or more. The College’s Visiting Fellows are currently:

Professor Guy Laron Israeli Visiting Fellow How to sell weapons and Lose Influence:  the Soviet Union and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1945-1989

Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad 

Quaid-I-Azam Visiting Fellow

Resolving the Conflict in Afghanistan

Dr Sanghamitra Choudhury

Agatha Harrison Memorial Visiting Fellow

Peace Building In a Conflict Society:  Women's Role in Building Peace in NE India Focusing Assam

Commander Joseph Gagliano

US Navy Hudson Visiting Fellow

Prospects and Obstacles: Considering the Potential for a UK-US Alliance in a Pacific Great Power War

Dr Eirini Karamouzi

SEESOX/AG Leventis Visiting Fellow

Mr Papambiguous: From populist rhetoric to pragmatic adaption? Greek Socialists and European Integration, 1981-1985

Baroness Jane Bonham Carter Visiting Parliamentary Fellow  
Baron Desmond Browne Visiting Parliamentary Fellow  
Lieutenant General Sir David Capewell Royal Navy Hudson Visiting Fellow The challenges of the contemporary security environment in the next 5-10 years. We may need a  "Bigger Map"

Professor Johannes Paulmann

Richard von Weizsacker Visiting Fellow

Humanitarian Aid in the Twentieth Century

Dr Tina Jennings

Visiting Fellow

The Dynamic of Business-State Relations in Russia

Dr Thomas Stammers  

Deakin Visiting Fellow

Collection, Recollection, Revolution
Heritage in the long nineteenth century

Dr Julie Newton               

Visiting Fellow

Putin's Russia and the European Union

Dr Vladimir Pastukhov  

Visiting Fellow

Law and Politics in Russia

Dr Vincent Druliolle

Santander Visiting Fellow

The politics of victimhood in Spain

Mr Colvin Maxwell Watson

Visiting Fellow

The Political Economy of South East Europe

Bank of Greece-SEESOX Regional Dialogue

Captain Jonathan White Royal Navy Hudson Visiting Fellow Maritime Security in Sierra Leone: A case for Intervention

Mr Peter Vis

European Union Visiting Fellow

Assessment of effectiveness of market-based instruments to address climate change



Senior Research Fellows, Research Fellows and Junior Research Fellows

Research Fellows and Junior Research Fellows are academics based in who have been selected by the College on the recommendation of its Centres or Governing Body Fellows to carry out research in the College in an academic area relating to the College’s interests.  Research Fellows are normally appointed for a year or more and are:


Dr Ahmed Al-Shahi         

Research Fellow

The oral traditions of the nomadic people of northern Sudan; The Shaygiyya tribe of northern Sudan; Letters of Peter Lienhardt

Dr Othon Anastasakis    

Senior Research Fellow

South East Europe

Dr Imane Chaara             

Junior Research Fellow

Women as Decision-Makers within Households: Does Religiosity Matter? Evidence from Morocco

Dr Svitlana Chernykh     

Junior Research Fellow

Coalitional Presidentialism

Dr Gregory Deacon        

Junior Research Fellow

Religion and Politics in Kenya

Dr Arthur Dudney Junior Research Fellow Mughal Period Indo-Persian Lexicography

Dr Nicola Horsburgh       

Junior Research Fellow (held in conjunction with British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict)

China and Nuclear Responsibility in the Global Nuclear Order

Dr Homa Katouzian        

Research Fellow

Sa'di' in Love: An anthology of Sa'di's lyrics in Persian and English

Dr Hiroaki Matsuura       

Junior Research Fellow

Right to Health in Japan

Dr Turkay Nefes              

Research Fellow

The Rise of the Internet as a New Domain of Conspiracy Theories

Dr Eduardo Posada-Carbo

Research Fellow

The history of elections and democracy in comparative perspective

Dr Oliver Ready

Research Fellow in Russian Society and Culture

Dr David Rechter             

Research Fellow

Dr Olivier Sterck Junior Research Fellow Economics of HIV/AIDS

Dr Jonathan Waterlow  

Junior Research Fellow (held in conjunction with British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Faculty of History)

Soviet Nuremberg: Forging the Postwar World beyond the Iron Curtain, 1945-53

Dr Shamil Yenikeyeff Research Fellow Russia's hydrocarbon sector:A vehicle or an obstacle for the country's modernization?



Academic Visitors

Academic Visitors (formerly Senior Associate Members) are visitors to the College and the University for periods of up to a year who are pursuing a specific research objective of their own. They or their academic work must be known to the Governing Body Fellow who is acting as their Sponsor. Below is a list of current Academic Visitors and their research interests:

Dr Nasser Al-Mawali Modelling the Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Promoting Trade Flows of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries
Mr Hussein Agha
Mr Adam Bennett Fiscal Institutions in South East Europe, in light of the Financial Crisis
Ms Dawn Berry Ice and War: Global Conflict and Governance of Greenland 1914-1991
Professor Theodore Bestor Visualizing Tokyo
Professor Victoria Bestor NCC's Online Guide to Research Access in Japanese Museums, Libraries, and Archives
Mr John Beyer
Drivers and destinations for the "Frozen Conflicts"
Mr Gijs de Vries The budgetary management of the European Union
Professor Carmen Echebarria Sustainable Development, Regions, Networking, Co-Innovation and Co-Creation
Professor George Fallis Rethinking Higher Education
Participation, Reserach and Differentiation
Canada's Surprising One percent
Never have so many been paid so much to care so little
Professor Motti Golani Chaim Weizmann:  A biography 1920-52
Mr Shamseddin Golestaneh
Dr Alexi Gugushvili

Nationalism and its implications for citizenship and political behaviour in Georgia

Dr Ping He Could Functional Cooperation lead to Reconciliation in
Dr Mishana Hosseinioun The Globalisation of Universal Human Rights and the Middle East
Dr Jennifer Jenkins Weltpolitik on the Persian Frontier: germany and Iran 1857-1941
Mr Ahmad Khalidi Track-2 Diplomacy: Lessons from the Middle East
Mr Daniel Lafayeedney
Countering Transnational Terrorism and Intelligence
Mr Matteo Legrenzi The new dimensions of Security in the Middle East
Mr Bona Malwal
Sudanese Politics
Dr Peter Mangold
 What the British did; Two centuries in the Middle East
Dr Andrew Monaghan
Russia Emergent: Russia's position in international affairs
Ms Natalia Morozova Russia's Evolving Idea of Humanitarianism:  Between Sovereignty and Human Rights
Dr Katherine Morton
China's Rise and the Future of Global Governance
Dr Kerem Oktem

Combining Freedom and Diversity

Summer of Discontent in South East Europe

Crises and Futures of the European Union

Professor Peter Robertson Human Capital, Geography and Migration
The Middle Income Traps
Measuring Real Military Costs
Dr Oystein Rolandsen

The Dynamics of State Failure and Violence

A comparative study of rebellion and the peace processes in South Sudan's contemporary history

Dr Terry Sandell
Cultural policy development in the "Eastern Partnership"
Dr Joseph Sassoon
Iraqi refugees post the 2003 invasion
Professor Yana Zuo

The Evolution of Taiwan's Identity

Senior Common Room Members

Senior Common Room Membership is normally for:

  • Fellows of other colleges or former Governing Body Fellows who do not qualify for election to an Emeritus Fellowship
  • Individuals such as retired diplomats and civil servants and others who identify strongly with the College
  • Other persons closely connected with the College whom the Governing Body wishes to be Senior Members in the College