Dr Sirke Makinen

Dr Sirke Makinen

Sirke Mäkinen is a university researcher in International Relations, Faculty of Management, University of Tampere, Finland, and chair of the Finnish Political Science Association. In addition, she is responsible for the double degree programme – Cross Border International Relations – jointly offered by the Petrozavodsk State University, St. Petersburg State University and the University of Tampere.

Sirke Mäkinen holds a doctorate in Social Sciences (Political Science, 2008) from the University of Tampere. She has also worked as Research Fellow and University Lecturer in Tampere, and as researcher at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. She has visited the University of Kent at Canterbury and the University of Glasgow as a visiting research fellow. 

Sirke Mäkinen has always been interested in Russian politics and world politics from many different perspectives. The leading theme, or motivation , has been to position Russia in the world, that is, she has asked how Russia and Russians perceive and represent themselves vis a vis the others, whether understood as nation-states, blocs, organisations, ideas, or models. Following a constructivist reading of world politics she has been interested in the construction of ideas and the role  that they play in  e.g. Russian foreign policy.

Sirke Mäkinen has published, for example, on Russian geopolitics from the perspective of critical geopolitics. She has studied geopolitical argumentation of Russian political parties on a perceived internal threat – Chechnya, and a perceived external threat – NATO,  and the formation and manifestation of geopolitical culture, in particular, in the context of geopolitics teaching and studies in Russian universities.

Her more recent studies have addressed higher education and world politics and in particular, internationalization of higher education in Russia. She has argued that the political rationale is one of the main reasons for internationalization of higher education in Russia, and thus we may refer to Russia’s activities in this field as educational diplomacy. At the moment Sirke Mäkinen examines how Russian higher education is received abroad and what implications this has on Russia’s role in the world and relations with others. In addition, she leads a  research project (EDUneighbours) examining Finnish-Russian cooperation in higher education. Her focus is on jointly developed Master’s degree programmes and experiences of teachers, administrators and students, and what these tell about (the potential of) Finnish-Russian relations. She continues her research on the relationship between higher education and world politics while visiting St. Antony’s. 

Selected Publications: 

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