Knowledge Bridges Poland-Britain-Europe

Knowledge Bridges Poland-Britain-Europe

Nearly 30 years after its democratic breakthrough, Poland poses a puzzling and fascinating case for scholars, public intellectuals, and journalists. Has Warsaw since 2015 truly witnessed an "illiberal turn", or rather a "democratic regeneration"? To what extent can we speak of a continuation of the transformation's logic, and to what extent is this a construction of a new state model by the current Polish government? In this context, the country’s intellectual, social, economic and political ties to Britain, and other parts of Europe seem more important than ever. The project Knowledge Bridges Poland-Britain-Europe, generously supported by the Noble Foundation's Programme on Modern Poland aims to look more closely at these and other currents of change in a comparative and international context.

The project is running throughout the academic year 2016-17. Events to be held in Hilary Term (January – March 2017) will include:

  • Kołakowski Lecture on March 3, 2017 given by Wolfgang Merkel, entitled Defective Democracies? The Case of Poland in European Comparison
  • A full day international conference on March 4, entitled "'Illiberal Democracy'? Poland in Comparative European Perspective". The invited speakers will elaborate and explore current political changes in Poland in a rigorous comparative framework.
  • Four seminars in February and March at St Antony’s College focusing on topics including Poland’s relationship to the European Union, inequalities, radicalisation of public debate, and the migrant crisis in contemporary Poland in a comparative perspective.  

See full programme of events here.

The supervising Fellow is Professor Timothy Garton Ash, Professor of European Studies and Isaiah Berlin Professorial Fellow, St. Antony’s College.

The co-Directors of the project are Dr Jaroslaw Kuisz and Dr Karolina Wigura, to whom all substantive queries should be addressed.

The project administrator is Dr Dorian Singh who can be contacted here.

The partners of the Project include University of Warsaw, Collegium Civitas in Warsaw, and Kultura Liberalna Foundation.

Knowledge Bridges Between Poland Britain and Europe Events

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