Programme on Modern Poland

Programme on Modern Poland

The Programme was launched in July 2013, following the 2012 agreement with Dr Leszek Czarnecki’s Getin Noble Bank and the Oxford Noble Foundation. Its goals are to correct Western European bias in British academia and public sphere, and to direct and coordinate study and discussion of modern Poland with research and academic exchanges, seminar series, invited lectures, conferences and academic publications. POMP's founders from Oxford include Professors Timothy Garton Ash, Norman Davies, Jan Zielonka and Margaret MacMillan (Warden of St Antony's College).  The Director of the Programme is Dr Mikolaj Kunicki, historian of the 20th century Poland and Eastern Europe.

Curriculum and Goals

The curriculum will focus on modern Poland, i.e. changes occurring in the 1980s and the transformation post-1989.  At the conceptual level the Programme is based on social sciences and humanities that cover political, economic, sociological, historic and cultural aspects along with analysis of regional relationships.  POMP is an interdisciplinary initiative that highlights the merit of studying the country in the relationship to the continent, its neighbours in the region, and European and global institutions.

Goals of the Programme:

  1. Organisation of conferences, seminar series and workshops
  2. Becoming the centre for the study of Poland in the United Kingdom
  3. Academic Publications
  4. Seeking scholarships for DPhil students and post-doctoral fellows who want to study modern Poland
  5. Establishing a translation fund to help researchers — for example, those who are writing PhD dissertations about Poland— make materials about Poland available
  6. Ensuring better access to archival material on the Polish transformation to students and researchers around the world
  7. Establishing international networks of scholars and helping to educate the next generations of scholars of Modern Poland
  8. Organising student exchanges between universities and academic institutions


"Oxford University has been interested in Poland for decades. Currently, our guests and students from around the world want to know even more about Poland. The Programme on Modern Poland provides them an opportunity to attain a new level of quality in studying the country that is with increasing frequency perceived as a power within the European Union in political, economic, dynamic development, and foreign-policy terms. The Programme is an opportunity to create a new familiarity about Poland among elites and intelligentsia in Europe and around the world”. 

– Professor Timothy Garton Ash

The designers of the Programme include distinguished academics such as Timothy Garton Ash — Professor of European Studies, Isaiah Berlin Professorial Fellow, one of Europe’s most prominent scholars inhistory, politics and media; Norman Davies - C.M.G., F.B.A., St Antony’s Honorary Fellow, professor emeritus of London University, a renowned historian of Europe and a recipient of Poland’s Order of the White Eagle; Margaret MacMillan, Warden of St Antony’s College, professor and historian of diplomacy and international relations, Jan Zielonka -  Professor of European Politics at the University of Oxford and Ralf Dahrendorf Fellow at St Antony’s College.

Please see the brochure: pomp_brochure.pdf

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