The Greek Diaspora Project

The Greek Diaspora Project

Our project will explore the relationship between Greece and its diaspora in the current context of economic crisis and beyond. It will investigate how the Greek diaspora can affect Greece's political and economic transformation and explore ways for the Greek state, economy and society to interact with its diaspora. This project will be purposely designed to reach a wide audience beyond academia.


The programme will seek to:

  • Become the preeminent forum for debate between the wider diaspora scholarship and scholarship dedicated to the Greek diaspora;
  • Relate Greece and its diaspora to countries which can serve as benchmarks in the way they conduct diaspora-homeland interactions, including Israel, Ireland and Poland and conduct in-depth comparative studies;
  • Be a port of call for anyone interested in contemporary aspects of the Greek diaspora, in terms of its library and archival resources, activities, institutional affiliations, policy relevant research;
  • Analyse the new trends characterizing the current Greek diaspora in conjunction to the historical context, socio-economic change, varieties of cultural affinities and so on;
  • Assess the developmental impact of the diaspora on the Greek economy and identify policies that can maximize its contribution;
  • Provide valuable insights by serving as the nexus between research and policy;
  • Inform Greek public debate and Greek policy makers on the  Greek diaspora, its evolution and the policy implications of actual and potential interactions between the diaspora and Greece;
  • In pursuing these goals, secure funding and research opportunities for a young generation of scholars dedicated to the study of the Greek diaspora.

Core Team

Othon Anastasakis, Principal Investigator
Renee Hirschon, Project Associate
Antonis Kamaras, Coordinator in Greece
Kalypso Nicolaïdis, Senior Advisor
Manolis Pratsinakis, Onassis Research Fellow Elect
Lamprini Rori, Programme Researcher