Foreign Policy recognises Alexander Betts and Paul Collier

Alexander Betts and Paul Collier

Foreign Policy recognises Alexander Betts and Paul Collier

15 December 2016

Professor Alexander Betts (Director, Refugee Studies Centre and St Antony’s DPhil International Relations, 2007) and Professor Sir Paul Collier (Blavatnik School of Government and St Antony’s Governing Body Fellow) have been recognised by Foreign Policy’s editors as 'Leading Global Thinkers'. These are those whose ideas have translated into action over the past year changing and shaping the world in which we live.

In October 2015, Foreign Affairs published an article in which Betts and Collier proposed a new approach to the Syrian refugee crisis: the establishment of special economic zones (SEZs) in countries such as Jordan where displaced Syrians could work. This approach, they argued, could provide Syrians with jobs, education and autonomy while also advancing host-country development.

In July 2016, a deal was finalised between the EU and Jordan granting trade concessions in exchange for work opportunities for refugees; this deal will apply to 52 product groups manufactured in SEZs on the condition that producers employ more Syrian refugees – at least 15% of the workforce now, rising to 25% after 3 years.