New books from Fellows

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New books from Fellows

31 May 2016

Professor Timothy Garton Ash, Dr Philip Robins and Dr Paola Mattei have all recently published books on a wide range of themes.

Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World is the latest work by Professor Timothy Garton Ash which calls for a greater increase in free speech, but also for a better version of this. Across all cultural divides, he argues that we must strive to agree on how we disagree.

Dr Philip Robins’ Middle East Drugs Bazaar: Production, Prevention and Consumption is a timely study detailing the drugs trade in the Middle East. The book focuses on ten of the leading countries of the region, and is based on over a decade of extensive research.

Dr Paola Mattei has released two books recently, on vastly different themes. Secular Institutions, Islam and Education Policy presents original data showing how schools have become, once again, a central theatre of political action and public engagement regarding laicité, an ideal grounded in the republican origins of the public education system in France. Public Accountability and Health Care Governance, on the other hand, deals with the critical empirical void created by the speed at which healthcare restructuring has taken place in Europe.