St Antony’s Fellows elected to the British Academy

British Academy

St Antony’s Fellows elected to the British Academy

21 July 2017

Two Fellows at St Antony’s College have been made Fellows of the British Academy. Professor Sir Paul Collier CBE and Professor Eugene Rogan both were elected alongside 64 of the world’s leading minds. From the announcement: “Fellows of the British Academy represent the very best of humanities and social sciences research, in the UK and globally. This year’s new Fellows are experts in subjects ranging from feminist theory to the economic development of Africa; medieval history to Indian philosophy and face perception.”

Professor Sir Paul Collier CBE, Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford; Director, International Growth Centre
Research area: The economic development of Africa; the causes of state fragility and implications for public policy; the management of natural resources; the management of urbanization.

Professor Eugene Rogan, Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History, University of Oxford; Director, Middle East Centre; Fellow, St Antony’s College, Oxford
Research area: The modern history of the Middle East and North Africa from the late Ottoman era to the present day.

A number of other Antonians over the years have previously been elected to the British Academy: Professor Avi Shlaim, Professor Vivienne Shue, Professor Rosemary Foot, Professor Robert Service, Professor Archie Brown, Professor Norman Davies, Dr James McMullen, Professor Sir Richard Evans, Dr Theodore Zeldin, Professor William Beinart, Professor Roger Louis, Professor Colin Jones, Professor Jack Hayward and Professor Sir Adam Roberts. Sir Adam also served as President of the British Academy from 2009 - 2013.