Visiting Parliamentary seminar in Lords' debate

Recall Elections

Visiting Parliamentary seminar in Lords' debate

29 February 2016

Whilst discussing the Recall of MPs Act 2015 (Recall Petition) Regulations 2016, the Visiting Parliamentary Fellowship seminar series at St Antony’s was referenced by Lord Lipsey (Lab). As recorded by Lord Hansard, Lord Lipsey made the following reference to the seminar series: “Incidentally, I am relying for this information on a seminar I chaired at St Antony's College Oxford, at which the noble Lord, Lord Cooper, spoke—which shows that academic seminars can sometime help us. I learned there the nearest thing to an amusing fact about recall elections that I have ever learned, which is that one of their greatest exponents was Vladimir Lenin. He was a huge enthusiast. In post-revolutionary Russia there were hundreds of thousands of recall elections, until of course Lenin established himself and his friends in power, when for some strange reason their enthusiasm for the recall ebbed away. Our Government, wisely, did not want to establish a recall on the American or Peruvian scale, let alone on the Leninist scale, therefore we remain a representative democracy.” 

Fuller minutes are available to view via the link below.