Mr Abdinor Dahir

Mr Abdinor Dahir

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St Antony's Liaison Officer for Somalia

Abdinor Dahir (MSc African Studies, 2020)

Abdinor Dahir is a Senior Strategic Investments Advisor to the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development, Federal Government of Somalia. Mr. Dahir is also an academic and research advisor to the Office of the Rector, SIMAD University, Somalia. Previously, Abdinor was a researcher and Sub-Saharan Africa Program Director at TRT World Research Centre and a communications and media advisor for Hormuud Telecom—Somalia’s largest telecommunications company.

Mr Dahir has an MSc in African Studies from St Antony's College, the University of Oxford, a Master of Public Administrations from Sakarya University (Turkey) and a Bachelor of Business Administration from SIMAD University (Somalia).

Abdinor does research on the international politics of the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea Arena. He is a regular media commentator on the Horn of Africa regional affairs for various local, regional and international media. He also presents at academic conferences on the Horn region.


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