Dr Jack Pun

Dr Jack Pun

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St Antony's Liaison Officer for China (Hong Kong)

DPhil in Education - Applied Linguistic and Science Education (2013)

Research site: https://scholars.cityu.edu.hk/en/persons/jack-pun(94de060e-dfc3-4847-a083-f9c1775cbd99).html


Jack Pun is Assistant Professor in the Department of English at City University of Hong Kong. He holds a DPhil in Education (Applied Linguistics and Science Education) from the University of Oxford, UK. Jack’s primary research interests focus on Language Education and Health communication.

He works within the field of Applied Linguistics, with research interests in English as medium of instruction (EMI), English language education, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics and systemic functional linguistics. In particular, he is interested in studying the classroom interaction in EMI classroom, the academic literacy and language challenges of these students under different exposures of EMI instruction.

He is a member of the EMI Oxford Research Network within the Department of Education, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK, which conducts research into the extent and effects of EMI around the world.

His second trend of research is health communication. As a bilingual speaker of Chinese and English, he is motivated to investigate the effectiveness and patient satisfaction of health communication from a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary perspective. He explores the role of communication in shaping decision making processes at consultations, and how communication affects the quality of care patients received from the health providers in different clinical settings (emergency department, Intensive care unit, nursing handovers, traditional Chinese medicine, veterinary medicine) and how effective communication enhances our understanding of the challenges and expectations in healthcare in worldwide hospital setting. He is a founding member of the Institute for Communication in Healthcare (ICH) at the Australian National University, ANU, Canberra, Australia.