Dr Andrew Crawley

Dr Andrew Crawley

St Antony's Liaison Officer for Belize

DPhil Modern History, 1982 Email: a.crawley@sant.oxon.org

As a student at St. Antony’s I took the MPhil in Latin American Studies and the DPhil in Modern History.

I have worked on and in Latin America and the Caribbean since graduation, as an analyst, project manager and consultant for several international organizations, including the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank and agencies of the United Nations. Since leaving Oxford I have lived for varying periods in Madrid, Managua, Washington DC, and Barbados. I currently work as a consultant in Belize.

I would be happy to host any Antonian who needs any kind of support during a visit to Belize. You can contact me at a.crawley@sant.oxon.org. Don’t hesitate.