Liaison Officers - North America

Liaison Officers - North America

You can find the list of St Antony's Liaison Officers for North America below. If you would be interested in becoming a Liaison Officer for your country, please contact the Development Office


Canada (Toronto)

Sarah-Christine Gemson (2006)


Manolo Reynaud Barrios (2008)

USA - California (LA)

Vicky Shields (2000)

USA - California (San Diego)

Nalini Asha Biggs (2008)

USA - Florida

Romina Grinberg (2006)

USA - New York

Ms Suzy Wahba (1991)

USA - Mid West

Stephanie Mitchell (1997)

USA - Minnesota

Amna Khalid (2001)

USA - San Francisco

Alexandra Berven (1983)

Thomas O' Keefe (1990)

USA - Texas

Agnes Thambynayagam (2003)

USA - Washington

Jed Weiner (1995)

Amy Babcock (1982)