The Antonian Fund - Applications

The Antonian Fund - Applications

The Antonian Fund was launched in December 2013 in order to provide support for a range of activities, enhancing all aspects of academic and student life at College.  Thanks to the generosity of many Antonians all over the world, funds are available to support scholarships, travel and research grants, student-life funds, bursaries for DPhil students, and academic projects.

Members of the College are invited to apply for projects that fall under the categories Life at St Antony’s and Academic Initiatives

The application form for the Antonian Fund can be downloaded below.

Life at St Antony’s

St Antony’s is committed to funding activities that enrich the academic and social environment and experience. Examples of projects that can be supported following requests from students and academics are the upgrade of sports equipment, projects concerning the Library, the Graduate Common Room and other buildings and social facilities.

Academic Initiatives

Students and Academics (Governing Body, Visiting, Research, Junior Research, Post-Doctoral Fellows and Visiting Academics) can apply for grants that will, for example, support conferences, special lectures and workshops or fund a guest speaker.

Examples of projects that have been funded in the past can be found on this page.

Research on the Environment

Separate from the Antonian Fund, the College received a generous donation to fund graduate environmental research. Students working on the environment or planning to develop a project in this area are invited to apply for funding that could be used to pay, amongst others, for a workshop, a conference, guest speakers or special lectures.

Application process

All applications will be judged on: the quality of the information provided, including a sufficiently detailed budget; the impact the project will have and the way it will enhance social and academic life at St Antony’s; and the number of members of the College participating in and likely to benefit from the project.

Grants will normally be between £100 and £2,000. There will be the facility to invoice the Antonian Fund directly to access awarded funds.

Please submit your application by email to:

The deadline for submissions is Monday of 5th Week. Grant winners will be announced shortly afterwards. A condition for receiving the grant will be the willingness to provide a report that will be shared with the donors of the Antonian Fund and which may be used with the consent of the recipient for future fundraising purposes.

STAR Grants

Please note that the STAR Grants, which are also financed by the Antonian Fund, are run through a separate application process. This is organised by the Registry Office at St Antony’s, and further information can be found here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Martyn and Sara in the Development Office at

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