Antonian Fund - Grants Awarded MT15

Antonian Fund - Grants Awarded MT15

Fund – Life at St Antony's

Name of the recipient Project Fund Amount Granted
Paula Melendez ‘Women and the Glass-Ceiling: Connecting St Antony’s Alumni and Current Students’ Life at St Antony’s £200
Gabriela Victoria Dale Foxes Football Club Life at St Antony’s £273
Porey Lin Student-run garden for the St Antony's Gardening Society Life at St Antony’s £165
Jack Clift Purchase of a new stereo for the GCR Cafe/Late Bar Life at St Antony’s £300
Niklas Bargstedt St Antony's Football Club sports equipment Life at St Antony’s £267.46
Christopher Sisca The Visual Arts Club Life at St Antony’s £300
Marc Witte St Antony's Boat Club Life at St Antony’s £977
Aaron Watanabe Gym equipment renewal Life at St Antony’s £196.65
Johanna Polle Music equipment for events at St Antony's Life at St Antony’s £256.94


Fund - Academic Initiatives

Name of the recipient Project Fund Amount Granted
Dr Anna Konieczna 'Global history of the anti-apartheid movement' Academic Initiatives £600
Dr Laurent Mignon 'New Religious Movements in Turkey and the Middle East' Academic Initiatives £750
Dr Andrea Purdekova 'Terrorism in Africa' Academic Initiatives £600
Prof Nandini Gooptu 'Political thought in South Asia: Plurality and Diversity'  Academic Initiatives £870
Maziyar Ghiabi 'Drugs, Politics and Society in the Global South' Academic Initiatives £600
Suliman Alatiqi Gulf Affairs: Issue Two Academic Initiatives £450


Fund - Travel and Research

Name of the recipient Project Amount Granted
Jiangshan An Fieldwork in China - November 2015-April 2016 £200
Kathrin Bachleitner Archival research in Israeli State Archives in Jerusalem/interviews in January and February 2016 £50
Arnold Chamunogwa Fieldwork in Zimbabwe - September 2015-May 2016 £290
Xi Hu Fieldwork - December 2015 £450
Mukaddam Khaitova Fieldwork - 5th December-14th January 2016 £200
Rachel Landry Training on conflict mediation - 14th-15th November 2016 £200
Sebastian Levi Interviews with politicians in Berlin and London - 17th January-12th March 2016 £200
Robin Madden Fieldwork in Istanbul and Gaziantep - December 2015-January 2016 £200
Rory McCarthy Presenting at a conference - 21st-24th November 2015 £250
Vanessa Meier Present at a conference - October 2015 £95.10
Kwok Hung Pun Presentation at a conference - 14th-15th December 2015 £250
Dennell Reynolds Course related trip - seminars and lectures in Paris February 2016 £140
Monica Richter Data collection for MPhil Thesis - January-February 2016 £200
Vishvini Sakthivel Fieldwork - July 2015-April 2016 £200
Nicholas Simcik-Arese Presentation of a conference - March 2016 £250
Toby Whittaker Course related trip - seminars and lectures in Paris February 2016 £140


Fund - Writing-up bursaries

Name of the recieient  Thesis Title Amount Granted
Rory McCarthy 'The rise of the Islamist movement An-Nahda and Tunisia's experiment in political pluralism, 1970-92' £1,000
Abhijit Sarkar

'Beyond Famines: State Intervention in Food and Popular Responses in Wartime India (1939-45)'

Rouven Kunstmann 'Political Press in Southern Ghana and Southern Nigeria: Nationalism, Visuality and Professionalisation, c 1937 - 1966.' £1,000