Antonian Fund - Grants Awarded HT17

Antonian Fund - Grants Awarded HT17

Fund - Life at St Antony's

Name of Grant Recipient Project Amount Awarded
Kyle Walter St Antony's Basketball Club £230
Jennifer Hall Rainbow Flag purchase £23.23
Alex Dawson St Antony's Football Club £1,073.07
Miles Schuck and Robert Cottey St Antony's Golf Club £300
Alexandra Zeitz The Foxes Football Club £150
Sonia Cuesta St Antony's Brewing Society £250
Stephanie Odiase Kofo Collective for Black Women £680
Jiashun Huang and Emma Troop GCR Welfare Breakfast £90
Olya Homonchuk Bar stool purchase £700
Timothy Drummond St Antony's Welfare Arts Week £300
Erin O'Halloran St Antony's Yoga Society £750
Porey Lin St Antony's Gardening Society £82
John Bartlett and Margot Gagliani Motivate Monday's equipment £288.58
Marc Witte St Antony's College Boat Club £1090.32

Fund - Academic Initiatives

Name of Grant Recipient Project Amount Awarded
Tejas Motwani
LGBT History Month: Panel Seminar £60
Cesar Colino
Responses to Seccessionism: Conference £250
Kelly Tse Wolfson Research Event £267
Emma Rimpilainen and Briana Bowen and George Fforde Russia's Long Century: Symposium £950
Samuel Ramani and Jean Mittelstaedt and Nicole Grajewski Clashing Visions: Conference £950
Kishan Patel St Antony's International Review £500
Leonie Harsch St Antony's Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Conference £1474
Leonie Harsch St Antony's Research in Progress Colloquium £129
Karolina Wigura and Jaroslaw Kuisz Liquid Legacy?: Seminar £1300

Fund - Travel and Research 

Name of recipient Project Amount Granted
Folahanmi Aina Fieldwork in Nigeria £200
John Alulis Fieldwork in Lithuania £241
Andrea Bjorklund Fieldwork in France £250.40
Nick Blanchette Conference in Baltimore £400
Upile Chisala Fieldwork in Malawi £200
Samira Damavandi Research in Durham and Manchester £335
Harald Edinger Fieldwork in Russia £600
Seble Gameda Fieldwork in Ecuador £200
Xian Guan Fieldwork in Hong Kong £200
Joseph Heath Fieldwork in Prague £200
Dan Hodgkinson Fieldwork in Zimbabwe £470
Jessie Hronesova Conference in Brighton £241.50
Zaha Kheir Fieldwork in France £585
Hyunkoo Kim Fieldwork in Korea £600
Anna Koo Conference in San Francisco £600
Scarlett Mansfield Fieldwork in the US £200
Conor Meleady Conference in Austin, Texas £600
Marco Moraes Conference in Baltimore £400
Sabina Morley Field Trip to Paris £200
Stephanie Odiase Conference in Texas £200
Seth Ouma Fieldwork in Kenya £200
Sebastien Paalo Fieldwork in Ghana £200
Carlos Quembo Conference in Berlin £240
Suwita Randhawa Conference in Baltimore £275.96
Naomi Richman Conference in Jerusalem £460
Suja Sawafta Fieldwork in Dubai £200