Naming opportunities Hilda Besse Building

Naming opportunities Hilda Besse Building

To recognize the generosity of those who contribute to the Hilda Besse Building, a number of naming opportunities are available. As the Hilda Besse is listed, it is crucial to integrate the naming and plaques in a way that keeps the architectural integrity intact. To ensure this, the design of the names and plaques will be developed in consultation with the architect. Below are examples of how the naming of spaces in the Hilda Besse Building could look like. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them. 

Ground Floor   First Floor   Second Floor   Other options  
Buttery 500,000 Hall 1,500,000 CCR  750,000 Quad 1 1,000,000
Foyer 250,000 FDR  500,000 SCR 500,000 Quad 1 500,000
Entrance 100,000 Servery 100,000   Student room 20,000
  Kitchen 100,000   Table 5,000
  Chair 1,000
Example of how named spaces will look like are shown below. Board 250

Dining Hall (£1,500,000):

Buttery (£500,000):

Foyer (£250,000): 

Entrance (£100,000): 

Donor board (each name £250): 





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