Malcolm Deas Fund

Malcolm Deas Fund

St Antony's College and the Latin American Centre (LAC) have launched the Malcolm Deas Fund in honour of the Centre's 50th Anniversary to ensure excellence in Latin American and Colombian research, teaching and policy impact. The Fund is named in honour of Malcolm Deas who was first Fellow of the Centre in St Antony's College.

The Malcolm Deas Fund allows the LAC and St Antony's College to further strengthen and build on the work of Malcolm Deas by promoting research and scholarship on Latin America with travel and research grants for students and lectures, conferences and workshops. A list of projects so far supported by the fund can be found at the bottom of the page. 

Academic initiatives

With the Malcolm Deas Fund, the LAC hopes to acquire the necessary support to maintain high quality lectures, workshops, travels and research grants and conferences to sustain the intellectual dynamism of the Centre.


External funding for graduate studies is difficult to find, especially for the social sciences and humanities. The LAC and College are committed to offering scholarships to the brightest and most capable students irrespective of their means.

Colombia specific projects

The Centre and College wishes to further strengthen and build on the work of Malcolm Deas and ensure that it can continue to support the study and research on Colombia by being able to award travel grants, organize lectures and workshops, and support post-doctoral fellows focusing on the country.

Allocation of funding

Donors may wish to donate 'wherever the need is greatest' or can express a preference for how their gift is spent. Funding will be allocated according to these designations and in response to requests from students and academics at the Centre.

Through the Malcolm Deas Fund, the Centre will be able to support a range of activities that have a direct impact on the Centre’s research and teaching activities and students’ achievements that otherwise would not be possible. Donations of all sizes make a real and significant difference and the success of the fund depends entirely on the generosity of the former students and friends of the LAC.


You can make a gift through the website of the University of Oxford or by using one of the donation forms below.

Donors from the UK, United States, Canada, Germany and Hong Kong can give tax efficient. Tax payers in the United States can make a gift through Americans for Oxford, inc. (AfO): a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization which seeks gifts to benefit the University of Oxford and its colleges.

Thank you for your generosity.

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