Swire Scholarship testimonials 18/19

Swire Scholarship testimonials 18/19

The Swire Scholarships are supported by the Swire Charitable Trust, founded by John Swire & Sons.  Four scholarships are offered each year to graduate students demonstrating exceptional academic merit and/or potential.  The Swire Charitable Trust has a longstanding relationship with St Antony’s College and has supported many students and academic visitors.  The Scholarships are open to applicants who are permanent residents of Japan, China or Hong Kong, and have completed the majority of their formal education in their country of permanent residence.

The Swire Scholarship has allowed me to undertake a DPhil in Education. My study focuses on the listening experience of Chinese students in English-instructed university programmes in China during the first year.

The Swire Scholarship has enabled me to collect data in China where I also hope to establish long-term collaboration between Oxford and the top universities in China. In addition, the Swire Scholarship has helped me to engage in college life. I co-organised the China-Oxford Summit in January this year with other members of St Antony’s College, attracting 500 researchers and students worldwide.

Sihan Zhou, DPhil Education 2018

I recently completed one year of fieldwork in Hong Kong and Indonesia on the migrant domestic worker movement. My thesis explores how it emerged, how it sustains itself and how it impacts politics in both at home and abroad.

Under Hong Kong Free Press, I also covered the Indonesian general elections in Hong Kong, the largest foreign elections in the city, during April 2019.

Without the Swire/Cathay Pacific Scholarship I would not have been able to pursue my DPhil or contribute to the global discussion on migrant worker rights.

Junko Asano, DPhil International Development 2017

Many thanks to the generous funding from Swire Scholarship, I am able to commence my doctoral programme at Oxford in International Relations. For my doctoral project, I research on China’s changing perceptions of international hierarchies from 1949, which not only addresses the lacuna in current literature on China, but also engages with recent, crucial theoretical debates on the hierarchies in international relations.

Yang Han, DPhil International Relations 2018

I’m greatly indebted to the Swire Scholarship that has been instrumental to my doctoral study. I’m reading for DPhil in Education, with research focus on applied linguistics and educational assessment. I’m particularly interested in the development and validation of phonological competence scoring rubrics for Chinese adult learners of English. The scholarship enables me to be fully committed to my study without financial concerns.

It also allows me to attend and present my research at top-level academic conferences (such as AAAL 2019, TESOL 2019 International Convention etc.) and recruit participants in a small-scale pilot study for my DPhil research project. The scholarship is rather conducive to my doctoral study, as it means more opportunities to conduct my research, network with the academia, and better prepare myself as a qualified independent researcher in the future.

Yuanyue Hao, DPhil Education 2018

With the support from Swire, I have not only attained a distinction for my MPhil thesis, but also been offered a DPhil position at my current department to continue working with Professor Jane Barlow on parenting interventions that aim to improve outcomes for Chinese children with a range of developmental disabilities and reduce harsh discipline.

 I have also established partnerships with research institutes and social service agencies in Beijing, with whom I will collaborate to adapt and pilot a parenting intervention in the next two years. None of this would be possible without the deeply enriching environment in the College for collaboration and discourse with researchers and practitioners from different disciplines. Thus, I am truly grateful for the Swire Scholarship and very proud of being an Antonian.

Zuyi Fang, MPhil Evidence-Based Social Intervention 2017-19

I am Jiashun Huang, a recipient of the Swire Scholarship in 2016, and now a third year DPhil candidate in Geography and the Environment, at St Antony’s College. My DPhil study is on infrastructure, the economy and policy. I have completed the DPhil Confirmation of Status last year, and will complete my DPhil study soon. This year, I have been taking research secondment as a fellow at Harvard University.

The Swire scholarship has been providing the greatest support that enables me to start and complete my DPhil study smoothly, for which I am indeed grateful.

Jiashun Huang, DPhil Geography 2016

I work on the intellectual and religious history of 19th and early 20th century Japan, Russia, and the United States by focusing on the hidden transnational networks of civil war losers and other socially peripheralized people. I am very excited to make an academic contribution to the wider knowledge of humanity.

Thanks to Swire, I can focus on this research without any financial concerns and have an opportunity to further contribute to the Oxford’s history community as a convenor of the International History of East Asia Seminar that has attracted many scholars from St Antony’s. Thank you so much for your generous support.

Chinami Oka, DPhil History 2017

I have been working on DPhi in Education at the Department of Education. My thesis examines successes in and constraints for school improvement at public and private primary schools in rural Kenya.

The Swire scholarship has enabled me to fully concentrate on my research without burden of financial worries. Without the scholarship, I could not have made the most of my time in Oxford. Thanks to the scholarship, I have had many opportunities to develop my academic skills as a researcher and to explore academic community across a wide range of disciplines at St Antony’s College.

Fumiaki Sagisaka, DPhil Education 2016

I’m happy to share that I’m making great progress with my doctoral research. For the past year, I passed the Transfer-of-Status examination and received wonderful feedback on how I can strengthen aspects of my doctoral work. I’ll also be attending an intensive summer school in mid-July (right after data collection and before flying back to London) to receive state-of-the-art training on the learning and teaching of Chinese as a second/foreign language (which is the focus of my doctoral work). Thanks to the generosity of the donors behind the Swire Scholarship, I have been able to pursue my DPhil and opportunities pertinent to my doctoral work without financial burden. I’m deeply grateful for such support.

Chun Sum Tsang, DPhil Education 2017

I am doing a DPhil in political theory. My research is about the ethics of international migration of financial assets. It explores whether it is morally justified for a liberal democratic society to control the outflows of money and capital.

The Swire Scholarship has enabled me to undertake this research in one of the most renowned universities for the study of political theory. The generous stipend has allowed me to focus on my academic works without worrying too much about how to cover the living costs. It would be hard to deny that doing a DPhil could be stressful, but I am grateful that the scholarship has helped reduce the stress to a much more manageable level

Ho Yin Yuen, DPhil Politics 2017