The St Antony's Scholarship

The St Antony's Scholarship

Students from the Global South are underrepresented at Oxford due to the high costs of graduate education. St Antony’s is committed to enabling students to fulfil their academic potential, regardless of background or financial concerns.

The College aspires to offer a new scholarship from 2023-24 onward to students who have completed their undergraduate degrees in countries that receive official development assistance from the OECD.  

To qualify for this award, potential scholarship-holders will have undertaken their undergraduate degrees in Least Developed, Low Income and Lower Middle Income Countries and Territories as categorised by the OECD. For the list of these countries, please follow this link

As current students, Vibhuti Gour, Pascal Mensah, and Josh Parker Allen write: “Diverse, international perspectives enrich St Antony’s community and discussion. This scholarship is an important step toward a more inclusive Oxford. As a student body, we are proud of this initiative to support a new generation of scholars from the Global South.  Our community will be the better for it”

The St Antony's Scholarship is part of the Antonian Fund

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