Telephone Campaigns

Telephone Campaigns

This year's March Telephone Campaign will be taking place 9-17th March.  Our students are really looking forward to the chance to connect with and learn from their predecessors, and talk about some of the exciting projects we have going on at St Antony's.  Read on to learn a bit more about this year's callers.


Priscilla (MPhil Latin American Studies, 2018)

Hailing from Florida in the United States, I have been studying at St Antony's since October 2018. Currently, my main research interests are in sustainable economic development, geopolitics, post-conflict democratic development,and the scope of the rule of law in relation to globalization. In the MPhil in Latin American Studies, specialize in the affairs of Central America and the Caribbean, with an emphasis on the Dominican Republic. Since arriving at St Antony’s, I have become an active member of our Graduate Common Room, serving as Social Secretary. St Antony's is a fantastic place filled with social scientists whom are quite dedicated to the Antonian community. During my free time you can find me producing narratives for performance or playing sport. I’m really looking forward to the Telephone Campaign, and being able to speak with alumni about the academically intense, but socially robust, life there is here at St Antony's College.

Esther (MSc in African Studies, 2018)

EstherI was born in Zimbabwe and raised in London. Navigating these identities, often never wholly belonging to one, has deeply informed my academic trajectory. I hold a BA (Hons) in Human Geography from the University of Leicester and I am primarily interested in gender, race, body politics and how these inform the ways in which Black women experience space. Given my current interest in Gender Studies, my postgraduate research will look at how women activist groups in Harare negotiate issues of menstrual shame and taboo. St Antony's is an amazing college characterised by so much student diversity - this is a feature that particularly attracted me to this college. I have enjoyed building a network of friends and engaging in a variety of activities held across the college. I'm really looking forward to the telephone campaign and speaking to the alumni of St Antony's College!

Rowan (MPhil Islamic Studies and History, 2018)

I came to St Antony’s in the autumn of 2018 to study Islamic Studies and History. My course focuses primarily on the late antique and medieval Middle East, with my current research interests being the emergence of the Islamic state in the late 7th century and the utility of administrative objects as historical sources. St Antony’s has provided the perfect environment to explore the implications of these historical processes in the contemporary Middle East, both informally in the Late Bar and formally, in talks at the Middle East Centre. The Antonian community has also provided valuable breathing space beyond academic life – I have particularly enjoyed the Mindfulness Society, the cushions for which were funded by the Antonian fund. I have really loved my time at St Antony’s so far and I am looking forward to speaking to other Antonians in the Telephone Campaign.

Karen (MPhil Russian and East European Studies, 2018)

I arrived at St Antony's this year for the MPhil in Russian and East European Studies (REES), and from the beginning was excited by the diverse and welcoming community here in the College.  Aside from my department, you can usually find me in the Latin American Centre keeping up with what is happening close to home (which is Uruguay for me).  I love that St Antony's is host to so many area studies centres, and there is always so much going on!  I have become increasingly involved in College life within the GCR, as Director of Global Languages.  I organise language immersion nights every week at the Late Bar, to promote language learning and cultural exchange.  Definitely the best thing about our college is the community: Oxford can be a very stressful place, but things like karaoke ir Sunday tea and cake with friends make it much better!

Sizwe (DPhil Education, 2018)

I am reading for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Education.  I am a 2017 Rhodes Scholar.  My research focuses on the role of universities in supporting entrepreneurship.  Prior to starting my DPhil, I finalised an MSc in Business Management - Entrepreneurship at Oxford Brookes University, and a Master of Technology Degree at the University of Johannesburg.  While at St Antony's I sing for the Oxford African Choir.  I am generally interested in the work of the Welfare Team, and the events they run.  My experience of the university has been further influenced by my involvement in the Oxford Foundry and co-lead role in the Rhodes Incubator.  During my free time, I do running, porety writing ins isiZulu, and listen to choral music.
Nia (MPhil Modern Middle Eastern Studies, 2018)

I arrived at St Antony’s this year and have thus far enjoyed being a member of this international and friendly college. Whether its attending the talks at the Middle East Centre or socialising in the college bar, St Antony’s has been incredibly welcoming, warm and fascinating community! Meeting the other students and learning from them has been a highlight of my time here thus far. My academic work revolves around International Relations and the Middle East, with an interest in Foreign Policy Analysis. St Antony's, as the home of area studies, has been an incredible place to study at. My MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies has an intensive language component and studying Arabic has been extremely rewarding yet challenging. I hope to apply for a grant from the Antonian Fund this summer to help fund some language training in the region, so I can directly see the benefit of these initiatives. I feel very privileged to be a part of the Antonian community and I am looking forward to having the opportunity to speak with other Antonians over the course of this Telephone Campaign.

Susan (MPhil Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology and Ethnography, 2018)


  I'm studying for an MPhil in Visual, Material, and Museum Anthropology and Ethnography.  My research interests are in Tibetan Buddhist 'Art' and sacred objects; and I'm fascinated by how sacred objects are translated in secular spaces.  I love that the community at St. Antony's is so international, and I'm keen to be a part of the Antonian conversation.  To that end, I have taken a newly-created position in the GCR as Welfare Secretary - serving as support to the two VPs of Welfare.  As part of this position, I established a new (free!) group for Mindfulness here at St. Antony's, which I hope will be especially helpful around exams!  I know just how lucky we are to be part of the kindness and generosity of Antonian community, as I have personally benefited from the Antonian Fund in funding cushions for the Mindfulness Group.  All your support really does go a long way!  I'm excited to have the chance to talk to my Antonian predecessors, hear about how their lives have been after graduation, and talk about all the fantastic opportunities around the Antonian Fund!  


Linda (MPhil International Relations, 2018)

Currently in my second year at Oxford, I’m studying International Relations with a focus on international conflict, security, and strategic studies. My current research explores the framing of local ownership in the context of NATO’s mission in Afghanistan, building up on my previous research work on NATO and transatlantic relations in the context of peace operations. Outside of my research endeavours I’m currently serving as the Managing Editor of the St Antony’s International Review (STAIR), a peer reviewed journal of international affairs run by more than 20 graduate students from various Oxford departments and colleges. In my remaining free time you can find me at the river or on the erg with the amazing St Antony’s Boat Club. I’m very excited to be a part of the St Antony’s community and to be supporting it through the upcoming Telephone Campaign. 

Carina (MSc Latin American Studies, 2018)

CarinaI am a Brazilian-Japanese national currently studying MSc in Latin American Studies at St. Antony’s College. This college has defined my (often quite hectic) ever-fulfilling experience at Oxford. Whether it’s the Latin American Centre, where I currently focus on transitional justice processes in post-civil war arenas in Latin America or being part of the Graduate Common Room (GCR) as a Women’s Officer, St. Antony’s has allowed me to embrace every aspect of my identity at its fullest. I have had the pleasure of working as a General Section Editor for the college-based academic journal St. Antony’s International Review (STAIR) which has allowed me to engage with the fellow student and academic community. Formalities aside, I have endeavoured in exploring Oxford’s pub/café culture (although you can’t really beat the late bar) and have given rowing with St. Antony’s Boat Club (SABC) a go. When I am not overwhelmed with all of the above, you can find me at live drawing workshops at the Ruskin School of Art. Being so engaged with St. Antony’s, I am ever so grateful for the opportunities it has given me and I look forward to hearing the experiences of our fellow alumni!


The Telephone Campaign will be run by our Development Office team, Helen, Martyn and Wouter


Helen McCombie (Development and Alumni Communications Officer)

I have been working at St Antony’s since December 2017, and I feel really lucky to have been welcomed into such a warm, diverse, and stimulating community.  I work with Wouter on fundraising for the College, focusing on student support, including the Antonian Fund. It’s been really rewarding seeing the different alumni donations make to the everyday lives, both academic and cultural, of our students.  Playing a part in helping them flourish is a real privilege. Our alumni are fascinating, and lead such interesting lives all over the world.  It’s great getting to meet our Antonians, and in creating and maintaining the global Antonian community.



Wouter te Kloeze (Development Director)

I have been working at St Antony’s since 2013 but got to know the College through my wife, then girlfriend, in 2003 when I set foot in 86 Woodstock Road. It has been and still is a huge pleasure to work for the Development Office at St Antony’s, meeting so many interesting people all over the world. I work on the Hilda Besse and Gateway Campaigns, scholarships and encourage Antonians to consider leaving a gift in their Will.


Martyn Rush, Communications Co-Ordinator
I have worked at St Antony's since 2015, and was also an MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies here. I work on the College newsletters and weekly bulletins, so I get to interact with alumni regularly. I also took part in two St Antony's telephone campaigns and was fascinated by what our alumni are now up to.