Telephone Campaigns

Telephone Campaigns

This year we're running a campaign at the end of Trinity term, between 22 and 29 June.  If you'd like to receive a call, drop us a message at

We hold Telephone Campaigns at St Antony's College to update our alumni on what's going on in College, hear about their news, and talk to them about the work of the Antonian Fund.  We're keen to hear what our alumni have been up to since they graduated, as well as to let them know about all that's going on in the College, from our students and their many activities, to our upcoming renovation work.  The calls are carried out by our students, who really appreciate getting the chance to talk to their predecessors, hear their advice, and share their stories.

If you'd like to provide us with new contact details or let us know about what you've been up to, you can do so at our Update Your Details Form.

The Antonian Fund plays a vital part in supporting the College community at St Antony's.  Through it we are able to offer our students a level of support that would not otherwise be possible.  The Antonian Fund is financed exclusively by donations, and offers grants in support of:

Travel and Research - To help our students carry out fieldwork, visit archives, and attend conferences.  Such experiences can make a huge difference to their academic studies, and we feel it's important that these opportunities are available to all our students.

Life at St Antony's - We want to make St Antony's as welcoming and supportive a home as possible for our students, so we support projects which will improve their cultural lives, beyond their academic studies.  From sports like rowing and football, cultural activities like the Fermentation Society and Board Game group, to supporting new initiatives like the GCR's Mental Health Awareness Week, we try our best to help our students have a rounded experience.  

Writing-Up Bursaries - These grants help students with that final push for the finish line, by offering funding to help them during the writing-up stage of their thesis.  It's great to see so many of our students achieve this milestone, and it's great to be able to help them.

Academic Initiatives - This helps support conferences, seminars, and related events that members of the St Antony's community host at the College.  Student-led projects conferences such as the recent OU Africa-China Conference, and GCR Graduate Conference, and the Research-in-Progress Colloquia offer great opportunities to develop skills and hear feedback.  We try to support as many of these projects as possible, to give our students the help they need to expand their academic lives.   

Warden's Scholarship - We're delighted to be able to support a number of full scholarships for students at St Antony's, funded by the generosity of our alumni and friends.  This year we have been able to offer four full scholarships, with more planned this year.  The Warden's Scholarship allows students to untertake their studies and research without the strain of financial concerns, and can have a truly life-changing impact.

All of this would be impossible were it not for the support of our alumni and friends, whose generosity the Antonian Fund is entirely reliant on.  Thank you so much to all of you who have chosen to donate.  Your kindness makes an enormous difference to our students, and we are all hugely grateful.  

If you'd like to see a full list of the projects we have funded, you can visit our page here.  If you'd like to make a donation in support of the Antonian Fund, or any other area of the College, visit our Online Giving Page.