Antonians in documentary decoding Saudia Arabia

Saudi Arabia Country Profile

Antonians in documentary decoding Saudia Arabia

11 December 2015

Erin O’Halloran (DPhil History), current student at St Antony’s College features as a guest expert on Scenes of Reason, a new online news site. O’Halloran, as well as another Antonian, Andrew Hammond (DPhil Oriental Studies) worked with Scenes of Reason to create a micro-documentary on Saudi Arabia with topics ranging from capital punishment, to women’s rights to comedy and lifestyle. Titled 'Country Profiles: Saudi Arabia', the documentary is available in six parts online. A further Antonian, Bobbie Mills (MSc Migration Studies) conducted the interviews, and is the current Political Editor of the website. The video of O’Halloran discussing ‘Oil, arms and the West’ was featured recently by the Huffington Post.

Scenes of Reason was launched in March 2015 ahead of GE15 to offer the news in an engaging, new way to counter the low turnout amongst first time and young voters. Since then Olivia Cappuccini (the founder) and a small team have been applying the same formula of offering an entry point, context, and aggregating multiple perspectives to local and international affairs with the hope of empowering young people by making politics engaging and accessible.

See below for a preview of the documentary, featuring O'Halloran speaking briefly about Women in Saudi Arabia.