European Alumni Events in Brussels, Berlin and Geneva | September 2022

A group of St Antony's alumni with College Warden, Roger Goodman, in a restaurant in Brussels

European Alumni Events in Brussels, Berlin and Geneva | September 2022

28 September 2022

We were delighted to meet with so many of our European-based alumni last week. In collaboration with our Liaison Officers, we were pleased to host three informal events, which were fantastic occasions to meet with Antonians from many different generations, network, and share memories of the College. 

With thanks to our three Liaison Officers for their help in organising the events:

  • Brussels - Márton Benedek (MPhil European Politics & Society 1999 and DPhil International Relations 2001)
  • Berlin - Adrianne Montgobert (MPhil European Politics and Society, 2009)
  • Geneva - Anne-France White (MPhil in European Politics & Society)

Professor Roger Goodman attended all three evenings and gave a short update on the College, and we welcomed speakers for the Brussels and Geneva events. Dr Marat Terterov (DPhil Politics 1996) was our speaker in Brussels. Dr Terterov talked on the subject of the ongoing multiple energy crises. He spoke in a personal capacity, but as the founder of the Brussels Energy Club back in 2012, and having worked at the Energy Charter Secretariat for ten years, he was well placed to provide insights on the topic. We were joined by Dr Thierry Malleret (SAM 1991) in Geneva, who discussed his most recent book The Great Narrative – For a Better Future.

Thanks to all who attended. Watch this space for future events!

St Antony's Liaison Officers act as a fundamental link between the College and Antonians. Officers for each country/area are the first point of contact for organising local activities and reunions and promoting the College abroad. Furthermore, they are happy to respond to enquiries either from prospective students that would like to know more about studying at Oxford and life at St Antony's or from Antonians travelling abroad and seeking general advice.

If you would be interested in becoming a Liaison Officer for your country, please contact the Development Officer.

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