Telephone Campaign 2023 | £75k raised to support St Antony’s DAC Scholarship

Telephone Campaign 2023 | £75k raised to support St Antony’s DAC Scholarship

31 March 2023

Our 2023 Telephone Campaign has been a huge success, raising over £75k to support St Antony’s DAC Scholarship Endowment.

Over ten days, our brilliant team of six student callers spoke to 149 Antonians from all over the globe, connecting with alumni from different time zones and backgrounds, and 64% of those alumni decided to contribute to the campaign!

This is incredible news for our community, as the donations we've received will help ensure that St Antony’s remains accessible to the best and brightest students from all corners of the world, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Beyond the financial impact, the campaign was also an amazing way for current students to connect with alumni and hear their inspiring stories.

Elijah, one of our student callers, was particularly struck by the range of careers St Antony’s alumni have pursued, from diplomacy and the UN to England RFU and city law firms. He went on to say:

Each person I have spoken to has been very generous with career advice. It’s fascinating to hear about what St Antony’s was like during their time and where their degree has taken them. I’ve really enjoyed hearing particular stories and anecdotes about college life. One Antonian told me that during the 80s, three students decided they were bored of spending all their time studying in the library and founded the late bar – we have them to thank for cheap pints! Another person was in the middle of a St Antony’s reunion when I called!

We're so grateful to everyone who gave generously of their time and resources to make this campaign a success.

Thank you!

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