Forthcoming publication by Othon Anastasakis and Katerina Lagos

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Forthcoming publication by Othon Anastasakis and Katerina Lagos

14 July 2021

The Greek Military Dictatorship: Revisiting a Troubled Past, 1967–1974

Berghahn, September 2021

Edited by Othon Anastasakis (Director of SEESOX and Senior Research Fellow at St Antony's College, University of Oxford) and Katerina Lagos (Professor of History, Sacramento State University; Vice-President, MGSA; Director, Sacramento State Hellenic Studies Program)

From 1967 to 1974, the military junta ruling Greece attempted a dramatic reshaping of the nation, implementing ideas and policies that left a lasting mark on both domestic affairs and international relations. Bringing together leading scholars from a range of disciplines, The Greek Military Dictatorship explores the junta’s attempts to impose authoritarian rule upon a rapidly modernizing country while navigating a complex international landscape. Focusing both on foreign relations as well as domestic matters such as economics, ideology, religion, culture and education, this book offers a fresh and well-researched study of a key period in modern Greek history.