Frere Exhibition for Indian Studies

Scorching Winds; Garm Hava; M.S. Sathyu; Ismat Chughtai

Frere Exhibition for Indian Studies

8 June 2017

Entries are invited for the Frere Exhibition for Indian Studies. The Exhibition will be awarded by the Board of Management for the trust set up for this purpose.

The Exhibition is awarded to enable its holder to undertake a specified piece of work, approved by the Board, in the field of Indian studies. It will be offered in Trinity (summer) Term, for one year, and to a value of £2,500, subject to consideration of the financial resources already available to the successful candidate. The Board of management may, exceptionally, extend the award at the end of the year. It may also award grants to candidates for the Exhibition, to encourage the study of matters relating to India.
The work must be carried out in Oxford unless the Board gives dispensation otherwise in the interests of the work. Candidates should specify in the application where they would wish to pursue their work.

The Frere Exhibition is open to Members of the University who, on the day of election, have not exceeded twenty one terms from their matriculation. In recent years successful candidates have been well advanced in their research.

Please see here for further details, and the application procedure.