GCRF India Oxford Initiative - ODA thematic workshops

GCRF India Oxford Initiative - ODA thematic workshops

19 November 2019

Up to £1,500 each is available for the organisation of three ODA relevant, thematic workshops in Oxford. A successful proposal will be strictly ODA relevant, will be collaborative in nature, will be multidisciplinary, and will focus on the impact and benefits to the Indian sub-continent. Each application must be led by applicants from two different Divisions. These workshops are expected to ignite imagination, promote debate and discussion, and generate cross-cutting ideas for collaborative research in partnership with academics in the Indian subcontinent. Workshops are expected to be held on the morning of the 28th February 2020, to coincide with the official launch of IndOx at Oxford.

For successful applicants, we will provide a venue for up to 20 participants at The Oxford Martin School. While the expectation is that successful applicants will be responsible for identifying and inviting workshop attendees, in order to ensure opportunities for participation by a wider multidisciplinary group, and to support evolution of new and emerging multi-disciplinary ideas and relationships, up to five places will need to be made available to participants to attend, based on an open invitation, after your application is funded.

Upon successful completion of the workshops further £15,000 (£5,000 each group) will be awarded subjected to the report from the lead applicants.

Eligibility: This is an internal call for Oxford University researchers. Please note that to lead/co-lead, applicants should be part of a Division/Department of the University.

How to apply: Applications are required to be submitted using IRAMS using the standard application form provided.

Deadline: Applications should be submitted on IRAMS by 10th December 2019.