Manolis Pratsinakis gives presentation for Athens International Airport

Manolis Pratsinakis presents at AIA

Manolis Pratsinakis gives presentation for Athens International Airport

27 February 2020

AIA’s 20th Airline Marketing Workshop - “The Magic Spell of Change”

Aiming at identifying the ingredients of the “magic spell” of tomorrow’s changes and challenges in the aviation sector, the Athens International Airport hosted and celebrated its 20th Airline Marketing Workshop on 27 February.

During this year’s anniversary gathering, more than 200 guests had the opportunity to follow a rich agenda of topics that composed an ideal platform for a substantial “family” dialogue between the airport and its key partners. Moreover, Athens International Airport presented its annual awards to the airlines that achieved the fastest development and the highest increases in passenger volumes in their scheduled services during 2019.

Among the speakers, Manolis Pratsinakis (Onassis Research Fellow) gave a presenation entitled Greek diaspora relations with the homeland; the travelling dynamics in the post 2010 era in Athens on 27 February.

Finally, Athens International Airport CEO, Yiannis Paraschis, concluded the workshop with the closing credits dedicated to the course that led to the very positive 2019. Highlighting strongly the exceptional cooperation and efforts of the entire airport community, AIA’s CEO referred also to the challenges lying ahead in light of international developments that affect airports, airlines and destinations.