Professor Chris Gerry - new publications

Professor Chris Gerry

Professor Chris Gerry - new publications

28 January 2021

To access two newly-published articles by Professor Chris Gerry, please see below:

How self-rated is self-rated health? Exploring the role of individual and institutional factors in reporting heterogeneity in Russia. Social Indicators Research (2021) (with Baidan and Kaneva) can be accessed here.

Voluntary private health insurance, health-related behaviours and health outcomes: evidence from Russian (2020) European Journal of Health Economics (with Aistov and Aleksandrova) can be accessed here.


NB Professor Gerry will be presenting his latest work on ‘The Politics of COVID-19 and Blame Attribution in Russia’ (with Professors Chaisty and Whitefield) at the RESC Monday Seminar on Monday 1 March.