SEESOX on the crisis in Greece

SEESOX on the crisis in Greece

4 July 2015

4 July, 2015
"Ναι, για την Αξιοπρέπεια μας" ("Yes, for our dignity")
by Kalypso Nicolaidis and Othon Anastasakis
Read here (in Greek)

The Guardian
15 June, 2015
Europe must save Greece to save itself
"Even if you don’t care about the Greek people, be warned – the faultlines of Grexit would shake the entire continent..."
by Timothy Garton Ash

Bloomberg Business
12 June, 2015
Keeping Greece in the Euro may have nothing to do with finances
“Greece’s geopolitical potential has been used as a promise, but mostly as a threat,” says Eirini Karamouzi.

Tuesday 9 June, 2015
Dimitris Keridis interviews Timothy Garton Ash about the economic crisis in Greece and Europe
Click on 'Evening Report 09-06-2015', then move to 1:01:54 for the beginning of the interview.
Access here (in Greek, no subtitles)

3 June, 2015
Eχει φτάσει η ώρα για τον κ. Τσίπρα
Kalypso Nicolaidis quoted in the Papahelas’s editorial op-ed.
Read here (in Greek)