SEESOX presents report on Bosnia and Herzegovina at the House of Lords

SEESOX presents report on Bosnia and Herzegovina at the House of Lords

3 March 2015

On 3 March SEESOX, LSEE and DPIR briefed a meeting of the Global Strategy Forum (held in a House of Lords Committee Room) on the Workshop they convened on 30 January on “Bosnia and Herzegovina: New International Thinking”. This had brought together leading international policy makers and analysts, with generous funding from NATO and others. There were three over-arching themes. Despite enormous problems, Bosnia and Herzegovina had over the last 20 years been pulled back from the brink; but now there was stagnation and risk; and the country had reached a fork in the road, with a new approach to break the deadlock required. Discussion covered both strategy and tactics. On the former, the EU initiative proposed by the UK and Germany offered a fresh approach to the reform agenda and implementation of the SAA. Work on the Membership Action Plan would revive the work done on bringing BiH closer to NATO.  Progress in the West Balkans generally on both fronts would help Bosnia: “Fix the region, fix Bosnia”. On tactics, there was a call for clearer messaging aimed at the BiH public, stressing the positive, involving civil society, working to strengthen state institutions, using EU and NATO conditionality sparingly, but “naming and shaming” where necessary. Above all, there was a stress on the need for renewed resolve, focus and unity in the international approach.

The meeting was following by a lunchtime talk at the National Liberal Club with Paddy Ashdown as the speaker.

Click here for transcript of Paddy Ashdown's lunchtime talk on Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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