Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For some of the most frequently asked questions on Accommodation please see below. 

Prospective students, also see FAQs on this page.


Brief timeline:

April -                           Returning Student Ballot held (for accommodation the following academic year) - follow link to MS form

May -                            Long Vacation Ballot held - follow link to MS form

24th June 2023 -           Student departure day - the accommdation manager will be on site to assist

July -                             New Freshers's Ballot held - follow link to apply on portal

July/August -                Bedding Pack application form sent out - follow link to MS form

30th September 2023 - Student arrival day 


Q. As a returning student, when do I apply for accommodation for the next academic year?

All current students will be sent an invitation to apply for College accommodation via online form between Hilary and Trinity terms. The application deadline will be detailed in the email.

Q. I will be returning in Hilary (or Trinity) Term only. Can I apply for accommodation through the application form sent out in April?

We only offer 38 and 50 week contracts, which means you can only apply in the application form if you are intending on returning at the beginning of the academic year. If you are returning later, for example, in Hilary, please email the accommodation office from October onwards to be put on the waiting list.

Q. Can I have a guest stay with me in my room ?

You may have a guest stay with you in your room for up to 3 consecutive nights at no additional charge with prior permission from the Accommodation office or Domestic Bursar.  All guests must register at the Lodge on arrival and show their passports if they are not resident in the UK. 

Q. Can I sublet my room?

The Licence to Occupy is an agreement/contract relating to College Accommodation between the College and individual Students; as such, it is non-transferable and the rights of an individual may not be assigned to another person – sub-letting – without written permission from the College Accommodation Office or the Domestic Bursar.

Should a Licensee wish to sub-let their room or flat to another Student member of College (preferably) or a Student member of Oxford University (but only if you know and trust this individual) the Licensee should, in the first instance, inform the Accommodation Office and request permission to sub-let with at least five days’ notice of the commencement of the sub-let. Under no circumstances may a room be sub-let to a non-College or Oxford University Student member nor an Alumni or employee of the College or Oxford University.

In order to consider sub-letting your College Accommodation, you must currently be residing in your College Accommodation and then have plans to leave for a period of time, and also intend to then return to Campus.  Sub-letting should not be something you consider if you wish to delay your arrival or should you wish to vacate your College Accommodation earlier than planned and without fulfilling the 8 week notice period.  Under such circumstances, please contact the College Accommodation office to find out what your available options are.

Failure to comply with the procedure of notifying and seeking permission from the Accommodation Office or the Domestic Bursar for sub-letting will be dealt with under the College’s Code of Student Discipline.   

It may be that the Accommodation Office is aware of people looking for accommodation, and they may be able to put interested parties in touch or help with advertising availability to current Student members. Please DO NOT advertise your room as available to online letting sites, for example.  If permission is granted and a suitable applicant is found, that person must visit the Accommodation Office, preferably with the original Licensee, and be introduced to the Accommodation Officer or Domestic Bursar, to whom they should provide their personal details.  If they are not normally a UK resident, they will also need to show their passport, of which a photocopy will be taken.

It must be clearly understood that, subject to permission being granted, the responsibility for the payment of rent and for keeping the accommodation in good condition remains with the original licensee, including the responsibility to pay for any damage which may occur during the period of the sub-let.

Arrangements between the Licensee and the person sub-letting regarding rental payments is an arrangement  strictly between themselves and it is not the concern or responsibility of the College; the ultimate responsibility lying with the original Licensee.

Q. Can I terminate my contract?

Your contract may be terminated if 8 weeks’ notice is given (as long as the period of occupation is at least 13 weeks after 0th week of Michaelmas Term), and this may be reduced if a new tenant can be found. Please notify the Accommodation Office as soon as possible to give notice of your termination of contract.

Q. I am a student and wish to extend my accomodation over the summer. Is this possible?

If you are a current student, resiential or not, you may apply for accommodation over the summer. This can be for any length and starting date within the summer period. You must have a valid Bod Card for the entirety of your stay. You will be invited to apply via an online form (Summer Vacation Application Form), which is sent out in May. If there are more applicants than rooms, a ballot will be held. Priority will be given to students with Vivas. We try as much as possible to leave students in their current rooms if feasible. Some rooms only have a 38 week contract (e.g. ALL of our en suites), so no extension can be granted to students in these rooms. If successful in the application ballot, these students will relocate to a different room on 24th June. Lockers can be requested directly with the maintenance team. Details on logistics of moving out and in will be given closer to the time and the Domestic team will be on site to help with the process.

Q.  I would like to rent a guest room for my parents during Graduation. Is this possible?

The college has a couple of rooms reserved for guests. Please have a look on our guestroom page for further details. 

Q. I am a visiting academic who would like accommodation during my stay here at the College. Is this possible?

We have a limited number of guest rooms and, on occasion, spare rooms during term. If possible, the team will provide you with a room/flat in College. Please be aware, however, that these are offered on a first come, first served, basis, and the minimum length of tenancy is 13 weeks.

Q. I am a student from another College. Do you have any accommodation available?

On occasion we have additional accommodation available; however, the College gives priority to its own students. Please enquire at the Accommodation Office for availability details.