Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For some of the most frequently asked questions on Accommodation please see below. 

Q. What are the length of tenancies offered to students in College?

These are 38 week contracts (beginning in October) and 50 week contracts.

Q. As a returning student, when do I apply for accommodation for the next academic year?

Details on applying for College accommodation will be sent to .sant email addresses during Hilary term. The application deadline will be detailed in the email.

Q. Can I have a guest stay with me in my room ?

You may have a guest stay with you in your room for up to 3 consecutive nights at no additional charge with prior permission from the Accommodation office or Domestic Bursar.  Additional nights (if permitted) will be charged at £8 per night and this will be added to your College Account.  All guests must register at the Lodge on arrival and show their passports if they are not resident in the UK. 

Q. Can I sublet my room?

You may sublet your room; however, this cannot be done so without prior consent of the Accommodation Office. Please contact them on in the first instance. Please note that the tenant must be a St Antony's Student (preferred) or an Oxford University student. It is the responsibility of the tenant named on the contract to arrange payment, and for the condition of the room. All guests must register with ID (passport or driving licence and university card) upon arrival at the Accommodation Office.

Q. Can I terminate my contract?

Your contract may be terminated if 8 weeks’ notice is given, and this may be reduced if a new tenant can be found. Please notify the Accommodation Office as soon as possible to give notice of your termination of contract.

Q. What items does a bedding pack contain?

A bedding pack contains a duvet, duvet cover, bed sheet, pillow and pillow case. It costs £35 for a single bed back and £60.00 for a double bed pack and can be ordered from the Accommodation Office - the order deadline is the 20th Septemebr 2019 and requests after this date will not be fulfilled unfortunately.

Q. I am a visiting academic who would like accommodation during my stay here at the College. Is this possible?

We have a limited number of guest rooms and, on occasion, spare rooms during term. If possible, the team will provide you with a room/flat in College. Please be aware, however, that these are offered on a first come, first served, basis, and the minimum length of tenancy is 13 weeks.

Q. I am a student and wish to extend my accomodation over the summer. Is this possible?

On some occasions this is possible; however, these requests are dealt with on an individual basis. Please contact the Accommodation Office on:

Q.  I would like to rent a guest room for my parents during Graduation. Is this possible?

On some occasions the College may have a room available for parents. Please enquire as to availability at the Accommodation Office ( in the first instance, with required dates. The  office will be able to inform you on availability and prices. 

Q. I am a student from another College. Do you have any accommodation available?

On occasion we have additional accommodation available; however, the College gives priority to its own students. Please enquire at the Accommodation Office for availability details.